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    Lampawile reacted to Dhara in Community site issues   
    @NQ-Nyzaltar   I hope you guys are having a great holiday vacation, I know you won't get this until you get back but wanted to post before I forget about it.
    I've been doing a bunch of research in the community area tonight and I keep having to agree to the privacy and terms pop up on every single page I visit in there even though I click both checkboxes every time.  Not sure if you were aware of it, but it's really hard to do any research in there right now. 
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    Lampawile reacted to MatzaJew in Planetary Racing League   
    I know that NQ doesn't have any kind of road map for wheels at this time. And while I'm sure that's based on their projections to having a stable single shard Universe. There have been other threads started about wanting wheels for the sake of having them but not too much linear thought down that line of what we would do with them beyond the obvious. 
    So I propose (Assuming we get wheels and any other form of locomotion) we work towards having a Planetary scale race track!
    For those who have seen the Anime 'Redline' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH7eBCTu_eM  There is a Race that is held in 3 teirs. Blue, Yellow, then Red 'Line'. At the highest class about a dozen racers have a ground race where the vehicles go sometimes several hundred miles per hour with the race lasting somewhere in the 1+ hours range. The main Idea for this race is primarily based on this anime.
    -A track would need to be built with crazy speed in mind, varying types of vehicle types and weight to power ratio classes.
    -So wheeled (if implemented), hover, *anti grav*?, skid, legs, possibly a flight type as well.
    -Could do a Newton output maximum with a weight minimum perhaps. 
    Would like to know some feed back on if this would be something everyone would be interested in doing. Have all corporations and organizations large and small compete in this race that could impact the winner in a huge way. Vehicle designers could be awarded contracts for having their blueprints churned out by large military factions wanting the winning design. Drivers could be hired out based on skill shown in the lower brackets and be sought after by the highest bidder. There are tons of opportunities here!
    There are some key issues I'm sure I'm unaware of that could make or break this idea but wondered what everyone here thinks.
         (Please remember to be constructive with your criticism, if you think this is a terrible idea please detail it) 

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    Lampawile reacted to Lampawile in Bonds   
    The obvious scam:
    1 you apply to an organization having bounty on it.
    2 we meet next to a rez unit.
    3 I kill you 3506 times.
    4 I claim the reward.
    5 We split the profit.
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