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  1. Well, when you don't have 12 hours of free time in a day to binge a game to progress, a skill system that allows players with real life obligations like a job to enjoy the game and progress as well. As someone who works 50 hours a week I see it as a positive.
  2. Monthly is the only way I'll play this game. The DAC system is one I can get behind for this sort of game, and that's because they clearly see the shortcoming of the other game that actively employs this type of system. Pay to Play keeps hooligans and griefers to a minimum. In a game about resource collecting and building, having an in game shop floods the market with materials and goods, which floods the economy and disincentivises players who are actually collecting whatever you're paying real money for. Flooding the economy with currency from DAC isn't ideal either but as someone with more money than free time, I appreciate what it does for people in my position.
  3. I feel like in this advanced sci-fi setting they'd surely have developed some kind of inertial dampeners. I think that adding G-forces is an unneeded complication in an MMO about rebuilding society.
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