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  1. Probably exactly this. There is a game called Second Life, where you live a second life. They probably didn't want to called it Second Universe for fear of comparisons and called it Dual Universe, so our real universe and the second online one.
  2. Is there anyway to get the mods to change it? I have reset my password twice and waited 24 hours. I can log in using the new password just fine but when I go to change the display name I get this invalid password error as well.
  3. Yeah Second Life has an info window you can bring up that shows who created it and who last modified it along with the editable permissions. Though SL does in game money to RL money, so that gets into some weird copyright, theft issues. Not sure if something similar will happen here.
  4. From what i've gathered the plan is to allow players to make ships how they want, with some realistic requirements. So for instances you can make a tiny one person ship but if you make the cockpit too small they can't get in. There are components that people can make that aren't visible that people can apply to turn the item into a ship item such as an engine. To make it easier you can sell the items you've made. So for people who are not artists or programs can either buy whole ships or piece one together. This also means that optimizing placement of the ship items will be crucial. Sure you might get some thrust from an engine near the front, but it will probably be more efficient to have it near the back. So in theory you could make some incredibly fancy, powerful ships if you know what you are doing or slapstick one together and ride the junker off into the sunset.
  5. The same day argument is silly, i'm sure there are plenty of people who lurk the forums then decide they want to join an org. So they sign up, apply and get accepted the same day.
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