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    Explore worlds, conquer planets and get rare resources to make technological advancements.
  1. What about..... "Sovereign Star Empire"? People who'll call us during MAJOR EVENTS be like, "Woah! It's the SS!" It's sounds intimidating and I like it. Just sayin... (Had an unexpected business trip so I'm still working with the banners)
  2. I wonder if there will be wild alien animals(creatures) in every planet that we visit? Really curious about this stuff.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for filling all my questions brother! It turns out, I'm able to make a Mining Operations Team just like we do in real life.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a mining engineering student. I am very much curious as to how will we able to do mining operations inside the game. If by any chance we do it realistically(in our current state of technology). In order to mine a lot of resources, you need a lot of things to get before you start a mining operation. Traditionally we only have 2 types of mining method. It's either through Surface Mining Method or Underground Mining Method. In order to get a lot of raw materials in a short amount of time, you need a lot of people to dig the ground and survey the areas to get possible measurements of ore bodies below the ground. It is not realistic to mine resources with just one person(very funny idea). You need a team to have a good extraction and production and later on sell those resources in the market with good price. It is very much obvious that without getting raw materials, technological advancement as a whole will be slow. Like, "how engineers inside the game make machines without raw materials" that kind of question. My final point is... How do we do our mining operations in Dual Universe? Or do we even have such methods to get resources? Guys....don't hesitate to share your ideas. Or just let me know if I missed something. Thanks, HyDrOclaN
  5. Welcome to the forums brother! If you have a lot of ideas, don't hesitate to share it with us.
  6. I think it's a no go. I don't want DU players to make an opposing faction/race like the "necros" trying to wipe our empire. But the Furyans didn't have any empire to begin with(according to the original story), they just lived in tribes but still died in the hands of strangers.
  7. We shall raise an Empire full of Furyan warriors! Just like Riddick. Lol...I'm just kidding! But if we could, why not? Right?
  8. If that is the case, then playing Dual Universe is rather complex but it doesn't just stop there. Dual Universe as a complex game adds up to the challenge and excitement for every space gamer. By the full release of this game......we will "hopefully" see a lot of things that we haven't encountered before, before any other space type MMO. Really looking forward to this game.
  9. I think it would be great if we have the capabilities inside the game to make some kind of "Gravity Generators"; base on a planet's specific gravity to change it into Earth-like gravity. It sounds very similar to the word "terraforming". But if gravity is not a factor in Dual Universe then forget gravity generators, much less gravity.
  10. I'm really excited for D-0!!
  11. If you don't mind having me in your team. Then count me in Lord Marshal!
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