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  1. the focus isnt politics, or trade or movement of information. the focus is building the other stuff is bonus :-P if the focus was on politics it would be more like eve in the set up.

  2. i mean just tell all your merchants to change a persons permission to be in your area if he trys to sell anything illegal. otherwise we would have to see everyones inventory and that would be dumb and unrealistic. i mean unless you can convince people to spend their time finding out if people on your property have illegal goods its not gonna happen. but tech i could see people killing you over for stealing lol

  3. so my first question, I don't think we have an answer yet on streaming. 
    will it be sanctioned?


    do we wanna set something up as a group before hand? We will most likely have accelerated building and mining i think. so as to better check the stress of a lot of constructs. This means quite a lot should be possible. if we work together plus having everyone of a goal checks stress on servers. 


    for instance,
                     could we do a scene from a movie everyone agrees on? like brave-hart. Also lord of the rings would be cool. I'm thinking something scifi would be nice but i cant think of one where a lot of people could be utilized. anyways this one is kinda a spit ball


                   could we all decide to get a floating city up and running? we let the blueprint be for everyone playing in alpha/beta so we all get to start with plans to a floating city :-) we have the potential to increase all alpha/beta users worth in the global market after release.


    thats all for right now ill change these to what we decide and post more questions 

  4. necessary? if we went by what EVERYONE deemed necessary, we would have collision damage and self replicating robots and blah blah blah the game would be broken.i can probably make something if they dont make it for the game and ill post it up somewhere :-) as long as nq will let me

  5. im torn i want it but i want them to spend the time on it, maybe a deal with someone like curse where they dont have to do much work and its a plugin


    everyone gets so pie in the sky with everything,first we have to get the revolutionary mmo thing up a running :-)

  6. well its a lock fire mechanism only, so this would still function relatively the same. just have an onclick function trigger all guns and make all the others lock. unless they purposefully leave it out for some reason (like self replicating) it should be a simple matter of coding it. most likely they will still have reduced damage. look at it like this, if you are using it you automatically plug in your augmented hardware and it increases the charge per shot, cause... science!

    side not even if they do leave it out that might not be so easy for them to stop it. i know im going to try my hardest to make a self replicator and not tell anyone how :-p.

  7. a couple things, technically collision happens already (if it didnt you would go through what ever your not colliding with) the problem lies with scripting something other then stopping the moving object. this requires logging speed trajectory ect ect. what really bogs the server is then changing that info into damage. for instance if you just made the ship blow up when it touches something that would be not too labor intensive. what you want is the wing to come off though and that requires algorithms. 500 ships crashing into a death star at the same time is gonna cause bogging. 

    actual workarounds might look like if 2 ships are within a reasonable threshold of eachother then they both blow up. not too labor intensive so far. if one ship is far smaller then the other is leaves damage equal to the diameter of the small ship in the larger, this would look like a grenade exploded on the surface. while this would make the best case scenario for optimal fps 500 grenades exploding  in frame would also be laggy.(albeit less) negative aspects are your wing hits a mountain your whole ship just blows up. among other odd looking things.

    we are NOT going to have exactly what you guys want, its just not feasible until hardware increases (not even entirely a server problem at that point)

  8. but its gonna kinda maybe look like....
    make a for loop finding all guns and putting them in an array [G]

    make a for loop finding all hostiles in range and put them in another array [H] (put this linked to scan button)


    cycle through [G] and set its target to [H].

    set fire to a key[space]

    set cycle forward to key [->] which adds to [H]

    set cycle backwards to key [<-] which subtracts to [H]


    alternatively you could (if there is a click function on an enemy that when it fires you can return a value) add the target to each gun that way


    note: i understand there is some cleaning and checking that needs to happen to make this work im just giving what i assume is the rough outline. also some of these loops and scripting is going to be hardcoded so make a for loop that finds all guns on your ship might be as simple as findAllGuns()

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