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  1. When generating the copy of the schematics as a batch of a certain number instead it would be better if there was some randomness, this could be done as generating a fixed number then adding or subtracting between 1 - 5 copies I'm open to other methods of deploying RNG, but i do believe that some form of RNG should be included (RNG = Random Number Generation)
  2. NQ should link the sub tier people pay to play the game to their ability to use certain elements T1 -- Free T2 -- 10.99 per month T3 -- 20 per month T4 -- 40 per month T5 -- 100 per month in this way NQ can actually keep the game running by making a profit
  3. this as well as a schematics fix would be great for the game
  4. i guess that skeleton statue was the straw that broke the camels back lol
  5. it seems despite NQ's warning people are still boarding constructs illegally, maybe NQ has been to lenient with these ppl and should put harsher punishments if someone is found violating the rules
  6. Legion has remained unchallenged in the asteroids, raiding all the exotics and most of the rares mining hundreds of KL of t5 and even more t4 attacking any who dare try to scan for a single one And no one can stop them will any protagonist try to take the throne of DU?
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