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  1. 1) Immediately suspend all schematic purchases. Make the price for all of the schematics $0 and refund all schematic purchases. Set a vendor at each planets most popular market that will have all schematics and allow each person to grab as many as they want for 30 days. After 30 days schematics sales can resume on the market at much lower prices. Any schematics claimed by a person since .23 will have no resale value. 2) Send an e-mail out to every DU customer for the last year and inform them of such changes. 3) Completely revamp the entire new player experience. Include in this new experience more and better rewards for doing the tutorials, classic quest givers that show people how to mine underground and upgrade their speeder. Rewards can be anything from cosmetic skins for their territory claims or speeder, tool, extra quanta, ores, containers and industrial machines. Get this done in time for the holiday shopping season, ie the second week of November. 4) Send an e-mail to every DU customer for the last year notifying them of such changes. 5) go on an advertising blitz to sell games for the holidays. Include in this blitz new promo videos that are REALISTIC AND ACTUAL GAMEPLAY, not some fanciful stuff that is no where near completion. 6) Re-monetize your game for the holiday season. Sell the game for $9.99 U.S. with a one month subscription included. Add more options, especially a monthly option to subscription plans. Add various subscription plans that include bonuses such as ships, skins, quanta and pets for extra money tied to the game in the form of longer subscriptions or a higher base price. open a cash shop that is STRICKLY PAY FOR FUN. In this shop can be pets, skins, quanta and various other items. 7) Provided all goes well and subscribers and game sales increase a fair amount provide a roadmap for 2022 that schedules major updates every three months which shall include the many things that the player base has been asking for. This list is not at all comprehensive. I keep hearing how this game has so much potential, but potential isn't the only thing that a game needs to survive and thrive, and one of those things is listening to and acting on what the people playing the game want and need.
  2. Maybe so, but I'm looking at it from the fact that this game needs all the help it can get.
  3. I just spent 30 minutes googling NQ and DU. Just about all of he news is from 2019 at the latest. Now, I'm old and dumb and don't know shit about fuck but old news and no news in this day and age is never a good thing.
  4. Please help support your DU content creators on you tube, twitch and whatever other platform you see fit. Give em a like, a follow a subscription if you can. The more people creating content for the game the better chance DU has of attracting new players. New players means more money for NQ Which will hopefully trickle down to us in faster, better and more updates for the game. Think big picture friends.
  5. I wish there were more reaction buttons other then like. This post made me laugh. Thanks man!
  6. I like some of your ideas and see what you are saying. What about a compromise and just add all tier two ores to all planets. Not only that but add some code to the game so that more nodes spawn randomly on all planets?
  7. These sound like great ideas. I really love that one about the weather.
  8. One of the first rules any business should learn is always under promise and over deliver. Never do the opposite. I'm hoping for some serious over delivery.
  9. I would like to see another planet added to our system. This planet would be under the process of being colonized by an npc alien race. They would have several different stages of advancement. Some of them would have full blown bases and ships, others would just be starting out. You would have several options to interact with this race. You can make diplomacy with them to set up trade. You can claim a tile on their planet which would immediately put you at war with them. While at war with them they can also attack you anywhere around their planet. You can go and raid their bases stealing their tech and supplies. You can even enslave some of them and make them mine or do other tasks for you. What crazy thing would you like to see put into the game?
  10. Is there a list of reputable organizations to do business with somewhere? IE buy ship blueprints etc from. Maybe a pinned thread? If not can we make one?
  11. Received a lot of help from the community today. A mysterious gentlemen by the name of ViperX somehow gifted me three million quanta.(I have no idea how it happened, cause, well, I'm dumb) It hit my bank account so hard my game crashed. Another gentlemanly scholar by the name of ArtVandelay gifted me a jazzed up f7 skirmisher. That will help a lot sir, thank you. Deepest regards for both of you fellows. I hope some day I may be able to repay you.
  12. Seriously these schem prices are nuts! Please adjust them asap. 1.5 million for an uncommon refiner schem! And i can't just go buy the machine because there's only 2 on the market and they are out in bum fuck space.
  13. I'll say it again: The game has a ton of potential, but it also has some major flaws that make it unattractive to many members of the gaming community. There are quite a few things I am enjoying about this game, but there are also quite a few things I find maddeningly frustrating. I want the game to succeed and hope that the devs put some serious serious work into the game to bring in fresh players and fresh money.
  14. Been playing only for about five days now. Four things I love about the game: 1) The maneuver tool. Idk why but I'm constantly finding myself upside down on my speeder. Thank you to whoever put that tool in. 2) The 150k of daily quanta. lord knows broke bicthes like me needs that money. 3) The flatten earth tool. Having a lot of fun with this. Very cool option to have in an mmo. 4) The help channel. Idk where i would be without this. Probably would have quit after the first day. Thank you to all of the friendly and helpful people out there.
  15. @DekkarTV @Haunty I hope you guys are right. I hope they get the ship straight and make improvements to the game that bring in people and money. There's a lot I like about the game. I don't want it to die, but my opinion about the game in the short amount of time I have spent here is that it's not looking good right now. Hopefully things change and improve for the better.
  16. Ouch. Yeah my instinct is telling me that this game is dead as well. these forums are dead. I rarely see anybody out in the world. There seems to be only a few people in the general or help chats. It's a shame, this game has so much promise. Hopefully the new management can get the ship righted and expand the player base which will bring in new money.
  17. Schematic prices are insane. over 317 thousand quanta for a small container schematic??? Hello??? Whose brilliant idea was this?
  18. Interesting. Have the new management laid out their vison of the game yet? Is the game still making money? If finances dry up... Kind of why I feel it's urgent for whoever is running the game to work on drastically building the player base asap.
  19. Thank you for the long and well informed reply friend. I do plan to keep playing, haven't quit yet. We'll see how it goes I Guess. The game does have a lot of stuff I'm interested in and I hope it keeps going. Have seen too many games just crash and die. Though I've only been playing for four days now I am concerned about the future of the game. The things I wrote are based on many many many hours of all types of mmo experience. I really hope the player base grows exponentially and many new features are continually added to the game. Time will tell. Cheers mate.
  20. I really really really want to like this game and play it all of the time. it has so much potential. But what is preventing me from liking it a lot is a multitude of things. 1) The game is very very confusing. Sand box idea, i love it, i get it, its great but just because it's a sandbox doesn't mean we can have more direction. For example: I took a shuttle from sanctuary to alioth, It took me roughly 30 minutes to find out where the shuttle is, why? CAUSE THERE'S NO SIGNS! Now, when i got dropped off on alioth i was just dumped in the middle of some massive station, no other shuttles around, no signs no sense of any direction. You know what i did? Got frustrated and logged off. Even the tutorials need a lot of polish. I think I played the building one five times or more. make the maps interactive, there's a lot of work that can be done there. Show active populations, have a heat map where battles might be taking place, something! Put more descriptions on things. Oh and make the beginning hover speeders faster, they should go double the speed. Going from my tile to the market is straight ass. 2) The game is very laggy. I think it may be because there's hundred of ships and tiles with little tiny piece of industry all over the place. Solution: introduce a decay system; after 30 days if your ship, factory, whatever is not rendered a decay timer activates and you have ten days to render your good or they go *poof* and your tile is forfeited. 3) Increase mining capabilities drastically, including early game surface mining. Make it much much easier and faster to dig and find seems of veins. Increase vein size and number. I've been playing video games for over 40 years (Yes, I'm old) In my experience the vast majority of the gaming community hates farming. The player base for this game will not grow if the farming continues to be as horrendous as it is. If the mining is easier, then ship building will become easier and then more people can get out in the world and pvp or whatever and the world will come alive. Not many people at all want to spend an hour digging around chasing a coal seem. 4) make the game a little more exciting / dangerous. Idk, give us some npc's to fight, or allow us to schedule tile defense from npc's. this would be a big project, we would need hand weapons and turrets to set up for base defense. Who doesn't love a good base defense? even if its from some raggedy npc's. I've spent idk how many hours already running around picking up rocks; BORING! Again, i really really want to love this game tell my friends all about it, hell I'd even buy a few of them subscriptions' but i just can't. the game need so much more work before i can do any of that. I want to say more but this post is long enough. if you read it, thank you. i wish the best for this game.
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