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  1. First let me say I love this game & the work NQ has put into it. I am proposing that Shields become the buffer of time needed for a pilot / crew to determine "Fight or Flight". Pilots / Crew often have little to no time to do much of anything. By the time the system warns of a contact, if I didn't already have a warp destination plotted w/ enough warp cells, that ship will take a hit within the next 5 or so seconds. That Crew / Pilot is now stuck in combat for 10 minutes, getting out of combat long enough to warp ..... it's just as likely hell freezes over. Having the ability to Warp as long as Shield are up is also a little more lore friendly. It also gives players Less PvP oriented the "Fight Time" needed to gain experience w/o the total loss of assets. Doing Hauling Missions some won't allow you to warp, It would be nice to have a "Dump Cargo" selection when right clicking. Also for a non-refundable deposit if you want a DSAT beacon placed with it. Ya know .... So ya can Han Solo that Shit at 1st sign of Pirates, then come back for it later. Shields would allow for a more varied and enjoyable game play if they are that Buffer. Instead of a combat timer. I would think a damping field generator that has an AOE w/ less than max weapon range for that size core. The combat timer is now the DFG operational time limit before (x) amount of time cool down. Also a DFG can not stop a core larger than the one it is linked to. Once power is brought into play the combat timer can be replaced with power draw per minute.
  2. On the topic of Mission Cargo, It would be nice to have a "Dump Cargo" selection when right clicking. Also for a non-refundable deposit if you want a DSAT beacon placed with it. Ya know .... So ya can Han Solo that Shit at 1st sign of Pirates, then come back for it later.
  3. Apologies, What I meant to say is ... "There are none so blind as those who just won't see." Good Day Sir.
  4. Apologies, ATM in game the majority of bots sell schematics and buy raw ore, (this is mostly as i see it as bots may buy/sell other things) As stated in my 1st post introducing schematics learned into the talent tree would negate the need for bots to sell schematics. Now onto the more important issue Bots buying Raw Ore. I want to know that the items I'm selling to a "buy order" is to a Player or Org that needs it not a bot. As it is now and by the way you were talking DU will never be a Player Driven Economy. We don't need bots for new players, that is what Organizations are for, Join one. If you want to Solo DU then be aware, just as in everything it's harder to do by yourself, Don't whine about it, Work through it. Besides any player thinking that they can jump into an MMO and be able to stand next to the Big Boys is Insane & to ask / whine for it is Asinine.
  5. Novaquark, maybe? NO WIPE - introducing a new star systems to the game & New Talent rework below, is as good as any wipe remove all "bots" from markets rework on talent system (when put down talents need to have their values reduced by 1/2, the other 50% will then be put with the manufactured talents so that items produced such as "fuel tank" get 50% of their max bonus form put down & the other from Production. Production time reduction should be moved to legate talent would be a start) rework schematics system (this should be part of the new talent system where reaching a certain level grants access to a specific schematic / (New Item) - blue print machine, consumes small amount of t1 ore to produce (x) # of Schematics or BP, (these can be single/multi use items) which can then be sold to other players rework territory claim system - allow for "taxes" to be placed on mining / resource gathering, 0 - 80%. territory units would now come with the storage capacity of a small container and would be able to link to more) Build height limit - there is no reason for buildings to go past 1000m - Let's keep our airways clear Concerning the issues that we're having with constructs cluttering the marketplace. In my opinion there are a few things NQ can do to solve this issue. 1st each market would now have a hanger for ship retrieval. 2nd ships that are parked within the vicinity of the market for longer than 24 hours would be stored at the players expense, x amount of quanta per day & would accumulate until the return of the player. At which time SNP may pay to have his ship given back to him in the form of a magic blueprint, at the new ship retrieval hanger. 3rd players that wish to advertise their services should be required to rent an xs core size space available at the marketplace where the placement of an information desk with screens and VR pod can easily be accessed by market goers. 4th ship auctions could be held every month at the different market ship retrieval hangers for ships that have not been claimed by a player within the past 30 days. Concerning Power Generation - Generators would link to a Core Type, supplying it with (x) amount of power per tick. Multiple PG could be linked to a Core at once. The size/type of Core will determine its Power Storage Capacity & its Max Power Draw per tick. Any Component that requires power would now have a "Power Draw Rate". New Component / Feature - "Witricity Node" an item like the "Repair Unit" or function added to it. When linked to PG can restore (x) amount of power per tick to nearby Cores. *Note a higher Tier Node could link to an increased # of Cores at once or provide more power per tick to less units. Thoramine needs to be moved to T4 Ore & Tritium put in it place as a T5 Ore. New Schematic "Thoramine-233" Rare Refiner needed. New Schematic "Tritium Pure" Exotic Refiner needed. New Schematic "water/H2O" Uncommon Recycler needed. Tier 1 - Coal Power Generator (steam power) - needs raw coal ore & water to function Tier 2 - Atmo, Space, or Rocket Fueled Power Generator (mechanical power) - needs fuel & water (cooling) to function, fuel types have different benefits. Tier 3 - Solar Fuel Cell Power Generator (fuel cell & solar hybrid) - needs sun, oxygen, & hydrogen to function has byproduct of water - won't consume fuel while in sunlight - cheap but slow. Tier 4 - Thoramine Fueled Power Generator (clean safe nuclear / steam power) unlike its cousin Thorium, which needs a breeder reactor 1st, Thoramine becomes fissile after refinement. Tier 5 - Tritium Fueled Power Generator (fusion Power) Tony called,....he wants his Reactor back! Tier 6 - Antimatter Power Generator (Yeah...) UNLIMITED POWER!!! Power Generators range in size from XS to XL. Larger size PG can't be placed on smaller Core. (L size PG wont go on M size Cores) Power Generators can be placed on any core type. Another Possibility for Novaquark maintains DU SDK & updates quarterly work on core tech / backend systems for DU while having the modding community add in elements such as "power generation & usage" sets goals for the modding community such as "power generation & usage" to be implemented into game at (x) date (this would allow modders to look months or years, down the "roadmap" and pick a feature to work on) maintains small teams to test "mods" (say 3 different modders all meet the criteria as set forth by NQ but each has something unique to bring to that feature, the NQ team would work with them to merge their mods into a single releasable feature) reward modders chosen to be featured in the game ( subscription time / *unique skins for elements in game / name added to a wall just outside the Arkship, Novark / etc.) (* as in only they have it, never to be given to anyone else, ever! That kind of Unique)
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