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  1. I know we have no right to demand anything added to the logs. But since it is quite usual to support companion apps it would be really nice if you support the community by readding the ore value of a scan just saved to the inventory to the log. Before demeter i had > 5k scans and i typed almost half of them manually in my site dumap.de til i automated it by parsing the logs. I would be really happy if i don't have to type all scans i currently make and will make in the near future manually just to have them organized and sharable in one place.
  2. In advance - I know that we have to always expect that specific log entries will be gone some day and have no rights on keeping them. Anyway asking doesn't hurt. Background: i made a site https://www.dumap.de that is available for free for the complete DU community to manage their scans and share them with friends and fellow org members. It is currently used by almost 200 people storing around 30k scans. And yes i know you improved the ingame visualization, but sadly i have to say it's not enough to manage a few thousand scans or even share them with friends /orgs For this site i made a companion app that completly automatically send scan results of just made scans to the site which is working wonderful with the current production build logs. With the PTS version i still have log entries for - scan start - scan end - scan ::pos link but there is no log entry anymore for the ore pool results discovered by the scan. We will have to reenter our old scans by hand already (for me thats something above 5k scans) and without this logentry we will also have to enter all new scans manually. Which really is very inconvenient. So on behalf of my site and those almost 200 people that use/used my service i would like to ask if it is possible to readd/create this log entry so my companion app will be still usefull and make the life of scanning people more convenient. Btw if there is a chance to get the values of old scans in the inventory to the log i know several people that will be very happy if i could add those old scans from the log or by ingame copy&paste of the result to my site and reduce the amount of work needed to walk through all those old scans
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