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  1. Here come the Titanium ships. Finally a reason to use different materials. My only problem so far is you have carbon fiber weaker than base carbon and even plastic. Carbon fiber should be a light voxel stronger than it's base raw and certainly stronger than plastic. Carbon fiber being a construction product material should be focused as a material for ship building as a lightweight strong material with mid range resists. Since carbon fiber has a streangth to weight greater than steel, it should fall in line as such.
  2. because the scans are still good when it goes live...ppl have 1000's of scans and will find the best ones and start claiming immediately
  3. 100% agree with everything Hagbard said. This patch will kill this game!!
  4. Did you ever get helped with this. I am getting it now and can't get anyuone on discord as it sayd I do not have permission to chat there...
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