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  1. Remove schematics and no wipe/rollback needed. They could do something else to add content/longevity damn.
  2. Why DU has to be like Eve... and When you Up all the talents (to save money) to make.. let's say warpcells... you become able to make all T3's (while "saving money"), I dont see any specialization. If you can make XS engines, you are very near to be able to make XL engines. It is not specialisation, it is just made to slow people (building end game things) and to make them use the market. All that coding should have been used in new content. Schematics could come back later when they will be made by players, when they really add something.
  3. I dont care of people beeing extra rich, they are like Npc's with infinite ressources for me. Problem is that they (could) f*ck the market indefinitly. Remove schematics and we dont need to make money, problem solved.
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