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  1. I do have the same feeling. But I must be wrong here because that would mean, they don't understand their own game - whose key selling point is the innovative voxel-based construction-system - and the type of players it attracts... Oh, wait... 😲
  2. I can agree with some of your points. To some others I have a different opinion. But there is one thing I cannot leave uncommented: NQ does owe the early players/backers something. Did you check the price that they payed? We're talking about several hundred Euros. Wtf a skin... U mad bro? Even if they are few compared to the number of players that NQ hopes to achieve... Nobody of them will speak positively about the game ever again. Gamers that are dedicated enough to spend thousands of hours in an unknown game during alpha and beta - even spending hundreds of Euros for it - are usually well connected with their other gamer friends to share their experiences with. Some of the players even have youtube and twitch channels. (I'm just a gaming grandpa, but even I'm part of a smal gaming-community that I test this game for and report my achievements and experiences to, hoping they follow me after release.) You're right, in the grand scheme of things, the few dozen or few hundred people don't count at all. But they can and will give NQ a bad name if they aren't now treated with the respect they deserve as customers of NQ. We're not first graders who get the wrong change from the baker for their sandwiches! The people who are unhappy with the way this thing is being handled are not crybabies. They have good and hard to refute arguments why you shouldn't invest money and time into this game. They can therefore give DU an even harder start than the game will have anyway, since subscription-based games aren't exactly popular these days anyway. Btw, there are a lot of players who still don't know anything about this and about a 40-page discussion thread. (I know it, because they buy soon to be useless things like schematics from me.) They will be caught unprepared and they will most likely not be happy either. So imho. NQ just doesn't want a PR disaster. And that's the only thing that gives NQ a headache. Disclaimer @NQ: This is not to be taken as a threat. It's just my point of view with over 30 years of gaming experience under my belt.
  3. Yesterday, in a personal conversation with a friend, I had his perspective on a wipe explained to me. He's one of those guys who spent a lot of time and effort making billions just to be able to afford schematics and built a big industry with it. I assume the perspective of this part of the player base is already sufficiently represented in this thread. During the conversation however, it also became obvious that our playing style and ingame goals are so fundamentally different from each other that we simply couldn't find common ground despite mutual appreciation. Well, the current state of affairs is, we - the players - disagree regarding a wipe. Therefore, we won‘t dissuade NQ from the - obviously already preconceived - decision to carry it out. So they will do it, because we don’t speak with one voice and it's the easiest way to solve their problems. Everything we write here, meanwhile serves NQ only as a think-tank about which case constellations can occur during the wipe and maybe should be taken into account. It’s only about how much the already decided wipe will „hurt“ us and where ist our pain threshold. It's sad, but any „discussion“ seems in vain. Having said this, I just would like to offer my point of view to be added the wide bouquet of opinions expressed here. And I’d like to focus on what is valuable to players like me. I originally started the game to become a shipbuilder. I wanted to create and own many different ships. Quite fast I realized that there are way more competent and above all, more creative creators out there. So my focus shifted to becoming a collector. I am a collector now. Still small, but growing. I don't have any industry, I just have the raw materials I need to set up the next constructs I bought. I'm not interested in squeezing the last half percent of resources out of my auto-miners. I don’t do pvp. I have next to no blueprints of my own. In terms of industry and storage I only have an S-Core with a few refineries + and facilities for honeycombs. I buy things that I like from some genius creators (which I litterally adore for their art) and put those things in a showroom (...which I've also only bought from one of my creator heroes). I don't even want to fly the constructs. I just want to own them. In short: I'm an allotment gardener with a pretty lawn full of garden gnomes and I’m happy with it. But that also means: I have no DRM rights to any of these things. I can't create blueprints of it. That stuff will be gone in a wipe. So my most prized possessions are the few hundred million quantas I've saved (don't laugh) and I spend them almost exclusively on finding and buying new, beautiful constructs. Attention trigger warning: If I had to choose between my assets and my skill points, I would choose my assets+quantas. Put away the forks and torches. It’s just a single, aditional minor-opinion to round out the picture for NQ.
  4. Oh, yes. NQ said exactly that. It's point 3 on the "SHEDDING LIGHT ON A NOVAQUARK INTERNAL DISCUSSION" - posting from NQ-Wanderer, that this whole discussion-thread is all about.
  5. I would like to express my agreement on this point. Wanting to level the playing field for newbies and older players alike "by doing a wipe" simply cannot be a valid argument in a persistent gaming universe, because it won't fix anything - and @NQ you know that. You can help newbies to get into the game faster by improviong the new player experience (Last time i checked, it needed such improvements badly) - and @NQ you know that. ...But taking the hard earned goods and wealth of players doesn't achieve anything in that regard - and you know that. So @NQ, give us the real reason behind your "request" or forget it.
  6. NQ please consider the type of players that are playing your game. It's not the type who's looking for 15 minutes of fun ... It's the type that wants to create something, It's the people, who want to build something that they and their fellow players can enjoy. In other games, you're done after a week of intense play. So there is no loss in starting over. Such a beta can be played without remorse or risk. But DU is different! The only reason, I’m playing this kind of game already during the beta is, because I was told, there wouldn't be another reset. (Otherwise I would have waited until release. So a lot of invested lifetime and several hundred invested euros are at stake. And at the moment I doubt that I'll have the drive to work on everything again.) How much "lead" do we old ones have now? A year, a year and a half? Do you want to restart the game every year and a half just because new players would otherwise be disadvantaged? Seriously? That's not an argument in a continuous/persistent universe! - Erase the schematics ... we will rebuild/modify our factories, but don't take our constructs away from us. - Delete accounts that have been inactive for a long time. - If you know that some players have gotten too rich too quickly by exploiting poorly balanced mechanics, then target them directly or set a credit cap immediately (use caution, please). We can live with balancing and game mechanic changes - that's why it's a beta, but please find a way so as not to alienate the people who got you this far. Edit: Mixed up schematics and blueprints.
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