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  1. The metals - no, big no. Glossy looks terrible now. Once bright, fun, interesting colors (e.g., polished orange steel) are muted. Shadows are not working, no, just not working. The jetpack will...not...stop...turning on and off. Jetpack on, jetpack off, jetpack on, jetpack off - Stop the insanity! (Aside: Never really needed a 'jetpack on' in this game, but perhaps you have something up your sleeve for the future.) Go back to fun glossy and black pattern plastic looks/textures. Make lumens great again! Please fix LUA, no longer can I edit LUA parameters. Yeah, you added more parking @ the Alioth districts, but you just delayed the inevitable. More people will just park more stuff there and w/in 4 weeks it will look the same - not a fun place to fly into and/or do business. Pro tip - add the additional parking and disallow people the ability to park / place objects on the main pad where the building is located; tired of landing and running like a mouse thru a maze to bob-n-weave thru all the crap people have placed there just so I can elevator up to your building and wait for the market parameters to loooooooooaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg to grab that one item I need so I can quickly leave Laglioth.
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