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    Williow got a reaction from Feriniya in How will Sanctuary Be Any Better than D6 Market?   
    as was previously stated in the Demeter patch vlog a month ago, the Demeter patch that includes a geography reset and mining changes will free up approximately 2/3 of the current server demand that is used now just to ping locations of holes for every person on each planet at the same time. this allows for less desync and better performance for graphics and rendering abilities even from low end gaming machines.( i have a low end off the shelf gamer and it was an awesome event to see ).. the PTS server had zero issue rendering in territory graphics while i was flying in at 1200mps , no lag chop, and running as fast as i could (about 76mps) to market there was no typical load time wait for permissions for a single thing, the ships on the structure were fully loaded no wait and that wasnt even the full bore patch thats coming.. 
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    Williow reacted to CoyoteNZ in Mining talents reset with Demeter update - Discussion thread   
    How about the terrain talents we all boosted for faster and bigger digging while looking ore. These will be of no use either, can these please be added to the list. 
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