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  1. I built and tested a cheap physics test ship on Madis weeks ago and came up with a very simple answer to a simple question. How much minimum force up is required to acquire positive lift? This was non hover atmosphere engine force up only test, nothing else. It's pretty funny obvious the answer is. It literally took less than 30 minutes to build, test, math out the calculations. Note: I did this force up test in N's not G's. If you want it in G's, you're going to have to the conversion on your own. I purposely explained everything, so newbie can understand things easier. Location variables: 92% - Atmosphere. (Reflects the max thrust of engines * skills) 531m - Elevation. (Reflects the atmosphere % & m/s(squared) of gravity) 3.45 m/s(squared) - Gravity. (G) (Planet's gravitational force down) Note: Ground was leveled with flattening tool. Ship variables: Centre of mass of X and Y axis. (She was perfectly equal on the X & Y axis, Z axis didn't matter for such a small test ship) 12KN = Force up. (F) (This variable never changed) 3.45T = Total mass of ship. (T) (I kept adding and removing weight until the ship was just too heavy to produce positive lift, then burn off enough fuel to lower the weight enough to produce positive lift) Therefore: 12KN F is required to lift 3.45T @ 3.45 m/s(squared) gravity. = 12/3.45 = 3,478,087N (3.478KN) F = 1T @ 0.345G = 3,478,087/3.45 = 10,081,920N (10.081KN) F = 1T @ 1.0G Final: 10,081,920N * Planet's G * T of your ship = Min F / T I don't normally reply to posts. I'm not a people person, I'm a numbers person. I'm passing on this information, as I'm not buying anymore game time and quitting DU as of Jan 11th 2021. I'm basically too bored with the game to justify paying more. I'm HomicidalDuff on Madis, I build ships based on stats not looks. I will help good people for free with building their ships, until I quit the game. Note: I'm not warping or traveling to far planets to help. So come to Madis or be on Alioth or Sanctuary.
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