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    i wan my pet slave !
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    the cycle asteroid pop on saturday still 7 day, the pop asteroid sunday still 7 day, the pop asteroid monday still 7 day etc
  3. Kormolos


    I suggest that each cycle of new asteroid remain 7 days, so there is no known asteroid shortage to start on weekends.
  4. the water always goes down, that's the ease. We will always go to where it is easiest. but it is terribly boring.
  5. also Nvidia is stable when your re in space, but for me, when i m on Alioth with Nvidia i have many crash and restart nvidia is long
  6. hello i tryed Geforce Nvidia platform gaming for play my alt mission runner, i take the sub also. but even with sub, Nvidia ask every 10 minute if we are awake or they close the game. so your plan for people take an alt + nvidia cloud for play mission runner is wrong. a mission runner need to be afk many hour during travel but it s not possible with nvidia stop connection every 10 mintue if you are afk. so i stoped sub Nvidia and sub of my alt DU so now i do mission aphelia with my main character on my own PC, i made many million it s true, but it s so boring game now !
  7. hello. i think we need to remove option VR for loading mission aphelia. it is very easy to win many many million in full safe system when you can loading mission Aphelia in VR. why you wan people go mining rare asteroid with risk to lost all ship and stuff for few million when they can earn more by doing 3 mission Aphelia with their VR in full safe and AFK ?
  8. Kormolos

    back to 0.23

    hello 0.23 patch had installed the broken element in crash of your ship eve in safe zone. that very good for economic impact and dynamic. you removed 0.23 because some player say it s not good, but those player dont understand in a game without PVE goal when we have everything and nothing lost we finish the game and leave. also DU is a build game, without destruction it s not possbile. it s mathematic. i buyed 300 ship from many different designer but now i m full, nobody wan buy it because everybody have already everything and can lost nothing.....
  9. Kormolos

    fiting ship

    hello i suggest to do like Eve online with CPU and powergrid max for fiting a ship for exemple: the M core basic have 2.000 CPU, the exotic core M have + 50% CPU 1 wing cost 200 cpu, 1 engine cost 300 CPU etc then we have new gameplay for fiting our ship and it s end of big ship can carry 100.000 tonnes with 200 engine and 100 wing ?
  10. Kormolos


    I suggest that if a construct is not used for 3 or 6 months then it fails, its core is destroyed and dropped. and it can be looted
  11. hello, can you please stop ability to glitch element ? that kill your game with honest player ! also on Eve online, if they catch you cheating then you re banned from game. ti s important to kill cheater in game, that kill your game if you no police against cheater !
  12. hello i suggest we get notification log if our ship get shoot while we are minign on asteroid solo. please
  13. hello NQ you should remove the phrase in-game when loading the game: The good thing about science is that it's true whether you believe it or not. (Neil DEGRASSE TYSON. To inform you even the Pope at the beginning of the century finally retracted on the assertion that God had created the big bang because the priest LEMAITRE made it clear to him that it would not be prudent to link God to the science because science can be wrong, and what would happen if one day we realize that there has not been a big bang? or that the big bang is not the first etc ... Affirming so strongly that science is always true becomes a dogma, a religion.The only thing that is true in science is that it is refounded every 200 years! We thought we were in an infinite and permanent universe, then with Hubble we thought we were in an expanding universe, and it was the truth! and now the doctor David ELBAZ of the CEA (CNRS) explains to us in a conference that there is no expansion but that it is probably an illusion, that we would be in a bubble! So don't put it into people's minds that science is always true, because it is false. People must always keep an open mind to the unknown and the unexpected. This same scientist working at the nuclear energy center and very serious also declared that: "what we see is not what is.".
  14. hello, i'm a big player with thousands of hours on DU already since the beta started. We have one of the prettiest bases in the game (Spaceboys) on Sanctuary, very well developed. I ask for a general WIPE and without BP magic. A new start on the basis of the original 0.23 with Sanctuary as the only safe place as promised at the start. No more ships with 30 wings, pvp everywhere except sanctuary. breaks elements whatever the conditions (PVE / PVP / crash etc) here bonjour, je suis un gros joueurs avec deja des milliers d heures sur DU depuis le lancement de la beta. Nous avons une des plus jolie base du jeu (Spaceboys) sur Sanctuary, tres bine dévelloppé. Je demande un WIPE générale et sans BP magic. Un nouveau départ sur les base de la 0.23 originale avec Sanctuary comme seul lieu safe comme promis au départ. Pas de ships avec 30 wings, pvp partout sauf sanctuary. casse des éléments quel que soient les conditions (PVE / PVP / crash etc) voilà
  15. it s very cool this destruction element and limitation size gun / core. also the idea if you play a cube pvp ship you get more damage is fun. all good for me ty
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