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  1. Yes, they are the owner and they can set the rules. But they can't ban you if you didn't break those rules. The players involved didn't. They tried to message the Devs through modern ways of contacting people, so the statement that they didn't report the "bug" is a lie. And the company is not allowed to act against their own rules. If they do, they have to compensate for any loss endured by their customer. Here they clearly acted against their own rules after they failed to protect dev constructions and/or places for the public community, something they have to do if they state that it is a safe area for anyone. And it that regard they are violating consumer protection laws in the combination with unruly bannings, because the players paid for the service the company allegedly provides. As for any beta: It is normal to make glitches or exploits public. And this here wasn't even one of them, it was simply the devs fault not to lock editing-rights. As goes for that again: The company is not allowed to ban you for something you didn't do in their property, so making a permaban out of it because they posted it on reddit, is another act of consumer violation. It's like saying you are not allowed to buy in Walmart, because I heard you talking about how easy it is to steal there at the bus stop. It is not in their rights to act this way.
  2. Consumer protection laws of France and the European Union as most european countries agreed to the same legal constructs made by the EU.
  3. Actually this is a false statement. If it is a Dev construct, it is the responsibility of the devs to regulate the rights and properties on it. Otherwise it is just another part of the game world which players are allowed to interact with in any way seen fit.
  4. It is a fact. If you know anything about consumer laws you know that this is actually an illegal respond by the devs. I don't threaten here, I just hope that players hit by the permaban maybe read this, go to a lawyer and see if they can do anything about it. In the end the real money lost should count.
  5. Amazing how you guys get likes for blatant lies. 1. They didn't use a "bug", they used your features you said in a former statement are intended and it is a players duty to check the permissions. THEY JUST PRESSED B for christs sake! 2. There is no violation of EULA when there is no unruly behaviour, which clearly isn't there according to your former statement. 3. There are no such terms in your rules that would declare this behaviour as unruly. 4. You are clearly breaking laws here with the permaban. This is obviously a fraud now as you ban players for using YOUR OWN FEATURES! You either have to pay them back a full refund if you want to keep them banned or a partial refund for the duration they were banned if you intend to make this right again. Otherwise I beg the players hit by any ban happening because of this incident to work together and sue the company! They are obviously acting against THEIR OWN RULES and european consumer protection laws! This is a FRAUD!!! Don't support these devs!
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