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  1. If you have a lawyer, now is the time he would tell you not to answer any more questions. Just sayin'.
  2. I didn't exactly peruse it but I get the gist of it. If you are lucky and NQ thinks it over when they get a hot minute you 'might' get unbanned if they want to play the bigger man and say hey, mistakes all around etc. etc. let's take this as a learning lesson/work with community etc. Might even be a nice PR thing for them, who knows?! Crazier things have happened, but I wouldn't hold my breath over it either. A piece of advice however, running off at the mouth and insulting the other side will NOT help. That said, I have no clue if you even want to come back and play after this experience. What I do know is that a lot of people learned some stuff about this game though, good or bad is perspective I suppose. Once again, good luck!
  3. No one that I know of but that's not what you did. I stated my opinion on what I think NQ should do regarding how they handled it, whether they have a hand in the minecraft community is not something I'd care to wager on lol. Some people can get very touchy over their castles I agree.
  4. Well assumption are dangerous things, but I assumed anything not built by players in the game was off-limits as far as attempting ass-hatery with said objects. Like I said, Common Sense. Not a dig at you, just relating my personal experience in online gaming. I file it under the don't kill NPCs that you need for game plots later etc. No comment on your personal opinions about others but good luck with maybe working something out. Insulting the other side generally never works out well though.
  5. So didn't know the rules of the game and then did something against Common Sense, aka let's just take apart critical infrastructure pieces of the game? Sorry, but I find your I'm the victim story hard to swallow. On the other hand and in your defense (assuming you are who you say you are and did said 'crime', it very much looks like NQ did a do as we say and not as we do thing here. I agree with a number of posts here that articulate that things could have been handled in a better manner but in the end it is their game and their rules. Those that disagree can vote with their wallets as they say. Bickering about it doesn't do anything for anyone except make funny memes on the internet later. Not sure where the percentages of who is at fault for what here is and not like it matters, but I'd like to see NQ make this right and be the bigger man and accept that the 'might' have screwed up. I'd also like to see those who did it make a public apology to those they may have screwed over or inconvenienced by their little prank or whatever it goes down as in the history of internet gaming or whatnot. Otherwise, can we all just move on and laugh about it and not completely screw up another game with potential please? Finding a decent game these days is no easy task... *sorry Ram, pretty much posted what you did I think*
  6. So someone crossed the Rubicon and paid for it seems. Good. I wonder if the thrill was worth it though? Of course there's also that thing about stealing stuff from the one person/group you shouldn't be stealing from. Good thing this is a game and you just get banned, in RL this is jail time lol.
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