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  1. I tried that- I simply believe there is no ore. When I have time, I will dig down to 3000m
  2. Well tx for the answers. It hasn't been mined, there was no cave at all. I will dig deeper an let you know. Ty
  3. Guys one question. I already asked ar discord, but no one had an ideal. Could it be that the territory scanner delivers false results? I had about 1900 kl of Bauxite in the tile. I digged for hours and retrieved about 400kl in small pockets not bigger than 20kl. A new scan showed the 1500kl left. My scan runns up to 1100m (+400m from Scanner) show no bauxite anymore. Could it be deeper or is the scan result of the territory scanner false? I scanned also the surronding tiles. Any help appreated! J.
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