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  1. interesting fact: in GFN session DU setting a max of 3 cores is being allocated.
  2. Another crash - I have got video proof VR Session > Hyperion Erzlager > walk around, crash
  3. I just gave it another try - unstable in less then 1 hour session
  4. Is it really necessary to enter the account data of DU into the DU client each time I want to use GFN? I am using the free version of GFN.
  5. During my play session with GFN free account I did see an improvement in terms of faster loading times in DU compared to my 32 MBit internet connection. However the game stability in GFN was not on par compared to running DU locally on my PCs. @joaocordeiro What is your experience with GFN in terms of crashes?
  6. Whatever the reason might be: if this is a systemic issue with DU and GFN then my intention is to share this info and ask about other user's experience. If this issue is indeed easily reproduceable then it comes to mind how this got through QA in the first place.
  7. What I did see on another local machine of mine was a 100% CPU load of 8 cores / 16 threads by DU - this has never happened before. edit: this is NOT using GFN - DU is running locally on this PC The GFN crashes did happen mostly in VR sessions around areas like "Gott mart" - my gut feeling is that the in game streaming of content could not cope.
  8. Hello @joaocordeiro no, I do not know the ressource usage of GFN - CMD+N will show the statistics of GFN, but more in terms of network and missed packets. I do know that my session on my regular PC 1 day before did not have such issues during 2 hours. own PC RAM usage: next to 32 GByte GFN will allocate a max of 3 CPU threads as seen in DUs setup dialog. The reason for me to try GFN is that my internet speed is kind of low - I did see a great improvement during loading times in VR sessions in GFN.
  9. I recently stumbled upon Container XL expanded - since when are they available?
  10. How stable is your connection? I have tried GeForce NOW today for the first time. Crash to Desktop happend about 3 times in 1 hour. Sometimes the login credentials have to be re-entered (error 100) conclusion for me as of now: un-useable
  11. @NQ-Deckard Very well, keep up the suspense ?
  12. and finally: is there something available like this? https://robertsspaceindustries.com/telemetry
  13. Hello NQ, could you please reply regarding these recommendations for the client setup with the goal of perfomance / fps improvements? delete Cache every game start run the client as Windows admin CPU tuning: 2 threads usage only in manual setting, not auto shadows not "None", but at least "low" Thank you
  14. @NQ-Deckard Are you listing in NQ?
  15. Hey all, so there seems to be some kind of interest / ideas floating around. For me it is really about "seeing" the construct become alive step by step. One could also think of pausing the construction if elements are missing. And yes - it takes some time. Instead of having the construct instantly teleporting in using a blueprint.
  16. @NQ-Naerais Thanks for your support Here you go about the bugs error picture:
  17. NQ I have attached 2 pictures in the forum. Now it does show me Max total size: 3.73 kB left. Please up the limit for each 1 attachement to about 1 MByte in size. This makes it easier to provide you with feedback / pictures of bugs ingame.
  18. Are there any public figures as to how many accounts are active / logged in daily?
  19. Hi, could you please elaborate? Which page are you referring to?
  20. Yes, these are the in game settings. However since I could not find a manual / hint about which option is affecting what I wanted to ask here. The config file names differ to some of the naming ingame.
  21. From my understanding DU is about human beings interaction. On purpose there are no NPCs, compared with other games in the same setting. So there are possibilities for people who want to engange in the trucking business.
  22. How about the packaging? And Dropoff would in in a "read-only" container? Reputation system? If someone steals on purpose -> impact. I sometimes think this is re-inventing the wheel. Or how is it done in other games?
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