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  1. Thank you for the quick reply and solution , If I could I'd award you +200 respect.
  2. The dynamic construct ( custom atmo speeder) blueprint says I have all the items, but when I go to create (put it down) it says "Not enough of containerMedium" "Some items are missing" The original construct never had a medium container. I have since made a medium container, and the error still persists. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem will be immensely appreciated Edit; Removed dynamic properties of items with white bars on them in inventory and it solved the problem for those of you who experience this in future
  3. Perhaps maybe a middle ground between both an instance (parking garage) and being towed would be suitable? Example 1. Like SC, players are assigned landing spots upon approaching each market spot (select how big of space they would need S-XL), and duration they would need it (10-40minutes) any amount of time greater than that and their vehicle is 'towed' to a location 10km-20km away from market place. After 48hrs the towed vehicle is sent to their player garage where they would have to fetch it ( for x quantas) and all items that were in the containers are placed in the maket container. Example 2. Similar to the first example, but instead of the devs having the system move the vehicles. Only trusted organisations or approved individuals can tow the vehicles to the location and they recieve x anount of quantas per removal depending on size. This could be done by implementing a tow point that once attached calaculates how many voxels the contruct is made with. After they have towed it to the holding location zone between 4 set beacons they rmb click 1 of 2 options 1.detach/reattach towed construct 2.detach and begin holding period with confirmation usual messages. These are only draft ideas and certainly could be reworked an added on to.
  4. Was hoping to chuck more ques on before calling it a night, but looks unlikely
  5. From what I've heard, the surface was reset causing bases to be underground ect. which probably caused a lot of errors. So I'm guessing they are running around like hamsters trying to find a way to sort the issue, let alone little bugs that arise with servers.
  6. Thanks for the quick update once again shame I just got back in 2 mins ago
  7. Never mind I missed the banner above that updates time since posted Keep up the good work devs and crew
  8. Hi all, Do you have an error after an update and the system will not unzip your update and shows the following error /bin/crashreporter/exception - already in use in another process? Do you also have Trend micro antivirus software installed? As per usual it seems that the world renown touchy antivirus has once again blocked your fun times. Fret not, for the solution for this problem is yet again to add your Dual universe folders to your exceptions list. TLDR; For those of you who do not like the spice of life and only want solutions. Error: bin/crashreporter- already in use in another process- yes Trend Micro- yes Solution: add Dual universe folder/s to exceptions
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