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  1. I respect what you are saying... Just hard to see what NQ is doing to us.
  2. Via the emails... probably in your spam at this point.
  3. Glad you speak for everyone... I know it seriously annoys you, that is why you keep coming around trying to get into it with me. It is a little over the top but that is the point and the purpose. To make it where it can't be ignored.
  4. I did enjoy the game for what it was, until they took what I loved... you say it is petty, but what else are we still left with than petty complaints. The peaceful path of giving feedback and suggestions has been tried so many times before and failed. So has voicing our criticism it is on deaf ears. Alioth is littered with the graves of abandoned constructs of inactive players that took the advice of some in our community and left the game when they were unheard. Now many of those graves are buried, and their tombstones will soon be dismantled... Albeit not beautiful tombstones or graves ?(talking about you ugly space tower builds.), but none the less each one marks a fallen brother and sister, as our numbers dwindle and NQ watches happy to replace us with fresh meat for subscriptions, uncaring that they tarnish their own reputation. I have seen the dying general chat between updates (partially cause the chat system is terrible) but the numbers only spike during these updates... in less than a couple of months once the surge of people saving their things from salvage tapers off chat will again return to hours of silence, missing faces, and people who didn't need much, but couldn't get what they needed. It isn't like we aren't suggesting what they could do to make this work for NQ and the community, the problem is one-sided in approach, inconsiderate, and disrespectful to those they asked to build their cities, and create ships to attract other moths to the flame. The only protest besides this left for builders is to refuse to build... what is out of sight is also out of mind.
  5. You know the one I am talking about, the one like China has... Just asking since we have taxes now, I am curious what other fun things they will implement. The recent builders discount thing obviously seemed to invite old pet favorites for their promo, the same ones that promote their game and don't criticize them, feels a lot like they are in good standing in the DU Social Credit System...Meanwhile all of this in substitute to an actual, discount on anything like discounts on subscription, or opportunity to buy element skin collectables for Black Friday, while trying market themselves as relevant and generous by giving you good deals like it is some sort of gift. I want to make this clear this isn't a bash on the builders or people who participated, I think it is great that they chose to give to their community when they didn't have to... ---------------------------------------------------- That said I am totally taking pot shots at NQ every chance I get cause It has been two weeks and I feel very little has been meaningfully done to alleviate hardship for builders and casuals. As long as the pressure is on us in a way that hurts and hinders the player base, especially casuals and builders, punishing them for not being on daily or 24/7, I will continue to pursue NQ here on the forums, on Youtube, etc. where ever they promote themselves. The way NQ rolled out it's updates and then portrays itself while ignoring the community feels like a gut punch and a backhand, all while they smiled for their next commercial. The path is easy & clear NQ, fix your behavior or keep getting called out...
  6. 1. So the dev's have a hard line stance against making the old Sanctuary TU's moveable for your listed reason. A.) You keep your old tile where your base is. B.) You can still harvest resources tax free from previous tile. C.) Dev's keep at least one of their promises for once. 2. where did two go? XD 3. A couple of ways that can be handled... A.) Turn off the ability to terraform on that planet to leave it natural. B.) Let them have both old/new Sanct TU, or make them choose which is most important to them. C.) Create a system that restores the terrain to the previous snapshot for that tile if the TU is picked up, cleans it of all constructs. ( personal favorite.) 4. Here are my thoughts on this... A.) Well the New Sanct TU can only be placed on Sanctuary 2. B.) Current Sanctuary tile would have have basically the same functionality as an Original Sanctuary tile, just moveable. C.) 200L of each T1, wouldn't sustain a large factory or allow any player to compete the same way as if they left that tile. But it would allow a casual player/builder some small stock pile of resources to sell or use for basic honeycomb. D.) Keep in mind it includes no T2-T5 resources. E.) It is located in same relative location to Alioth. F.) I would argue, that the game needs stronger incentive to leave Alioth and the safe zone period. Right now gameplay lacks enticement for adventurous players, and the Dev's idea of this balance is to punish builders/casuals that will likely never compete at that level of gameplay you are probably worried about. G.) From a balance standpoint it is just a free tile without the 1Mh per week tax. So the balance difference is 1Mh weekly. It is small tax wise, but huge for the casual player/builder that doesn't want to org up, or play at a larger scale.
  7. Love the idea of production buff cause I don't want to hand harvest skittles.
  8. P.S. love the misrepresentation here with the way the game is portrayed in the video:
  9. Completely understandable, and good points, definitely good to hear all sides.
  10. Let's say the T2 is all grabbed... You have a new shiny tile... with 500L of T1, it runs for 24 hours (12,000L a day), for 7 days a week(84,000L a week.) If ore holds at 50 per liter you get 4.2Mh a week, per tile. If ore falls to bot prices at 25 per liter you get 2.1Mh a week, per tile. Sure you get some bonus there for calibrating etc.... ( amount varies depending on RNG) My question to you my friends is are you happy to be taxed at nearly 25% - 50% of everything you earn from you gameplay time? Especially, When in a week you get what you used to get the same amount per tile as you could in just 210 clicks, So less than what 15 minutes of mining? Plus that amount of ore is also worth half, could be worth a quarter of the value even in just a few more weeks?
  11. Dear Mr. Abboud, Please read the forums and take heed of our feedback before sending out your tone deaf newsletter that glosses over the hurtful impact on the very people you commend in your emails. Respectfully, Creator @NQ-Pann maybe you could forward this short, but sincere message to your CEO. As newsletters that reflect and acknowledge the current conditions will make your own job easier as the community manager.
  12. Give it a heart if you like the idea... or give suggestions on how to improve it if you feel it is lacking.
  13. So you are just here to stir the crap, loud and clear captain.
  14. It is either that, or we push for the treaty I posted, and if they refuse then we continue in blood red rebellion every day on forums and in game. Treaty Proposal here:
  15. This Treaty is in the Progress of being built... and all players are invited to participate in its development. Please view the 2.0 Demetor Treaty document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15tXSv1XQf-ImUwaqBE8TFmwnQXjo_x4L5GlvE1vjx1c/edit?usp=sharing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Post ( Legacy): I don't know if this will work, but nothing so far seems to get through to the dev's. To bring peace to the territories of the UEF, and quell the anger and upset across the colonies, I would like to propose the following. Resolution #1: Alioth Moon 1 or Alioth Moon 4 be terraformed into Sanctuary 2. 1. All structures on the terraformed moon would be magic BP'ed back to their owners. 2. We keep our current Sanctuary TU, as compensation to veterans for their time and efforts to help establish the colonies in Helios. 3. All current and new players be provided a new single Sanctuary TU that can be picked up and moved once a year, and used only on Sanctuary 2. 4. All Sanctuary 2 Tiles give 200L of each T1 ore, (require no taxes), and can run industry. (Partially Met) 5. All original Sanctuary TU's not placed by update that are in inventory could be depreciated. Sanctuary 2 can be a direct duplicate of Sanctuary 1, ( by lore standards the terraforming process created the same outcome via programmatic algorithm) What this would do: 1. Provide a clean start for new players where their Sanctuary tiles isn't 30km+ away due to dead tiles by inactive players on current Sanctuary. 2. Allow casuals and builders to form cities/communities together with their single tile to collaborate, move if needed/desired later. 3. Provide 200L of each T1 to help new players survive and build on top of the 150k a day stipend. (Partially met) 4. Provide a small income boost to current players impacted by the ore market crash. Resolution #2: Make a single HQ tile able to run industry and use mining units without tax. What this would do: 1. Would allows us to live at a place of our choosing with very little developer effort. 2. We can pick a tile with the mineral configuration we like. 3. We can pick a tile with the scenery that we like. 4. Us as players could then move these tiles together to form and coordinate our player built cities. Resolution #3: Portible Mining & Industry Units What this would do: 1. Allow the player a ship they can use to mine without territory, could require the ship be still just like territory scanner. 2. No good reason to make industry only work on static constructs. 3. Would allow players to play in a nomadic style if they so choose, which would be highly appealing to some. 4. Reduce the pain induced by tile taxes for casuals as we could just fly our ship around and mine, which would feel great having this freedom! I know someone won't like this either, but at least it helps the builders and casuals getting screwed atm, and is pretty much a copy paste job for NQ to implement with VERY minimal dev resources. Definitely want to get thoughts, ideas for modification here from other people on the forums, but wanted this to serve a start to mending the issue vs. just burning the forums down every day. @NQ-Pann @NQ-Sesch @NQ-Deckard @NQ-Wave @NQ-Naerais @NQ-Nicodemus @NQ-Rubicon...
  16. It is a game for you. For others it is their social life, for some it is how they cope with stress, others it is how they express their creativity, for many it is a sense of progress and escape from an oppressive real life. You should be more thoughtful, for it is not on you to assign or decide how much we should value what we personally get out of DU.
  17. @ADCOone, I greatly appreciate you, just want to say that. I mean we all have HQ tiles, just the nature of them creates some logistical issues for creative players. One being you can't industry to make elements/honeycomb for your builds you are doing. I have already started my next project in space, despite the risk of that some how being wrecked by NQ's future decisions as well, where as the Sanct collaboration would be the safest future if we could move our Sanct TU's, there we could mine/trade a little ore together, industry together, build and neighbor together.
  18. One last point... many of us up in arms see the impact on the community, and we care. We care cause we believe in something greater than ourselves, which is the concept of a community of sharing, and building, and being together. Because we see what it could be, something that hasn't had this much potential for us in 10 or 20 years. and how much it matters to those of us who value that. The greater value it has than those just stuffing their DU wallets with 1's and 0', so they can brag in general chat while flying around in their giant dildo acting important, which can be done in any other game ever made. You only get something like this every 10-20 years... and some of us are just old enough we won't be alive to see it again when we lose this.
  19. Your reply here is example of your ignorance in what the game to means to those of us who are still here fighting to make it work... I have spent over 10 (2005-2015) years as a 2D/3D artist, and I DONATE my time here to create content for this community, NQ doesn't pay me, I don't get compensated. Yet I use my professional skills and talent to enrich the game by creating builds and content so this world isn't an empty hell hole, along with other talented creatives. I just had 2 years of my time wiped away, yeah... A project that was being designed to host community events and provide more to do than left click for quanta grind. I am gonna get upset, yes I am going to make noise, because, we were all sold on the dream of a community based game, where it is marketed as the "BEST SPACE BUILDING MMO", cause that is what we were SOLD/TOLD it was meant to be! We played by their rules, and now are being impacted/punished by it with very little on NQ's end being done to make it right. We offer up solutions that are ignored, and when offering solutions don't work we raise hell, only to be told by other members in our community to suck it and/or leave.
  20. You just provided on, you are like doing it, right now, you probably just don't realize it. I am in violent agreement that I have an issue with people acting like their preferred gameplay is the only gameplay. The dev's are making flippant changes that are destroying large community builds with taxes. Resorts, Race Tracks, Cities... no longer maintainable in the way this update was poorly pushed out. Some like myself even offer to move back to Sanct like they told us builders and casuals to do, yet they are unwilling to make Sanct TU's moveable so we can move together and collaborate with our single tiles to make community cities on Sanct. All because somehow those choices suit NQ at the moment, and others don't. Others fear moving to space, if NQ were to determine in the future that Space Constructs need to be limited for "server performance/cost cutting" and those cores would need to be taxed and this destruction be repeated. They cherry pick all this BS and destructively force it on us, without respect to their community. They want us to do the work for them in attracting players with our time/skill/work, and then piss it away by destroying the very things they asked us to do. That is why you are seeing zero's in the votes, we have been here a long time, seen the repeated breaking of promises all cause it suit NQ, and the fact that they largely ignored the communities feedback and warnings about the impact of this update. Yet here we are...
  21. Plus those dictators having a base of fanatics that would lick their boots no matter what they do...
  22. - First off, don't derail other topics by spilling this one into them to promote your agenda. - Next I voted a 2 instead of a zero for the same reason as Xennial. (vs the 0 you assume since I am the OP, and you figure a bitter vet of the game.) - Additionally, If it is a 7 or 8 you should vote that way vs trying to tilt stuff to once again promote your agenda by over voting. - In reply to you in my other thread, I don't think this shows what you think it does, as the voting is still slightly a majority negative, by (26 neg / 25 pos) the time of this posting, despite some of those people like yourself white knighting hard for the dev's. - Seems like you want to discount those bitter vets, despite the fact that the issues they raise hold a lot of merit that things are broken.
  23. Maybe you should have posted in that thread instead of derailing the one here then...
  24. Exactly what happens when Devs switch their story so many times that they even have the community fighting eachother.
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