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  1. I mean I have an alpha account, would still rather pay $7 to have my tiles, and budget as needed than sit here and waist time with MUs to get quanta in a wrecked economy for taxes.
  2. Honestly would pay $1 a month per tile tax cert, would have paid $20 a month to keep my resort. Honestly they should just move away from sub to access game and charge per tile to support the game. You get one tile free, then most people would buy at least 6 more to make their 7 tile flower. Would be way better than this tax system currently.
  3. Yeah pretty much people that game the system for disproportionate unfair advantage... What I KNOW you are assuming about me cause you just can't stop with every reply: 1. You keep assuming I think there should be a wipe, or that I want one... 2. You believe I hate players that have more than me that worked hard for it. You also keep trying to paint me into a corner so you can go "I gotcha!" and it is honestly wearing out its welcome. Your questions are leading, your accusing me of saying things I never said, and you need to stop. Any sensible person would take the clear communication of my repeated statement that I believe the NQ Devs are setting us up for a wipe. Not attacking players, or the community, or going after anyone, nor am I in this thread to discuss who has the best white picket fenced tile...
  4. Probably less than 30 minutes into gameplay when they realize that they just made a mistake that will cost them 4 hours of senseless wasted gametime.
  5. I don't have a problem with people that work hard and play the game. I would say a true whale is someone that is north of 100 billion, probably like what 100 players or less? I also am not saying they are the reason for there to be a wipe. I am saying NQ is intentionally trashing the economy to pit the community against itself... or have you not been paying attention to all the bickering on the forums lately? My reasoning is, when the developers can't see the problem with needing T3 ore to get the items to find/get T3 ore, they lack the ability/tools to catch/fully track money that is washed through their game ecosystem and the various ways it can change hands, and the deceptive strategies used to accomplished this. Some of these players have been exploiting mmo economies for 20+ years now, they aren't exactly as dumb as NQ believes the community to be. The problems are so complex for NQ, that it is beyond their control, so the easiest way for them to erase the imbalance is to wipe, and they are setting it up to where they say the community requested it, so they can once again take the easy way out, as per the norm of their behavior without taking the blame. Once again, not trying to push for a wipe, I am telling people one is coming cause NQ has designed the conditions for one to be needed. The problem here is you continue to accidentally/unintentionally keep assuming things about me that aren't true, This is where we are running into our friction. It is mutual that I have no beef with you either, or anyone in this community... I participate here cause I care.
  6. Funny... Plan #1 - Boring: You say the game is tedious because you spend your game time daily running your mining units, they tell you to go do something else. Plan #2 - Broke: You say you don't make enough money to pay for taxes and play like you used to... go back to plan #1. Eventually most of us will bored and broke soon enough... Recently since Dementor Update I discovered a new game called DU Forums, I play it instead of DU now, there is a lot of pvp here. ?
  7. First of all... you enjoy putting words in my mouth don't you. I have a couple billion myself, actually, and enough resources to build out the rest of my days at this point on Sanct or my HQ'ed tiles, but who would I be building it for when there is no one left to share it with? Which is why I am so active on the forums. I don't have a problem with people supporting the game and putting in a lot of effort, cause I am one of those people, so you should probably try something else than trying to make me out to be an enemy of the community, when NQ is the one in the driver seat of poorly thought out changes. One thing you got right is I do have a problem with exploiters, and you can't convince me the NQ dealt with that problem thoroughly based on how poorly their updates are done. I do have a problem with a company that misrepresents their product, and I do have a problem with poorly done changes that hurt the community, and when the communities feedback is largely ignored. I don't want a horrible player experience for everyone, I want it to stop being a horrible experience. More specifically I want to make sure people clearly understand a wipe is inevitable and has already been put in motion so they don't continue to work hard for nothing while NQ refuses to be honest with us about their plans cause it doesn't suit them in the moment.
  8. I am 100% certain we will have a wipe before launch, if not in the next few months. New players don't stand a chance against Whales & Exploiters sitting on their billions of quanta post Dementor. I believe this was part of NQ's plan, to widen the gap between the those with the most and everyone else coming into the game. An economic hitjob designed and planned to drive out established players, and apply pressure to anyone that failed to stockpile resources/quanta pre-dementor into demanding at least an economic wipe. Honestly though the NQ devs have wanted a wipe for a while, but they don't want to look like they aren't breaking their promise, so they are trying to create conditions that make it seem like it is our idea and that we want the wipe. This was intentional... change my mind.
  9. In this case, just give them 4 small mining units and remove your ugly rocks from the game please. btw a new player could easily clear their entire sanctuary tile in one weekend. Also provide a resource pool of 50L for each T2 on each Sanct tile...
  10. If that construct was a hoop, one could say you are literally jumping through hoops to report abuse now... ?
  11. I think these types of situations are exactly why we don't see NQ on very much... cause it looks bad for them.
  12. Murica! Part of the reason we live in a narcissistic society of lonely individuals, just doing themselves without any thought of why their world is changing. Not trying to bring RL stuff into this, just making a point, that this type of cop out approach to problem solving is pervasive across so many MMO communities. When someone brings this up the answer is... "then leave!" Where to though? Cause those that want to socialize, those that want to see more things valued then pixel bank accounts and kill scores are shoved out of games by people and platforms that operate in a self serving and overall harmful way. Then of course if anyone challenges this, then that person is a problem for trying to shake up the status quo. I agree with the OP, people don't want to pay 1 million quanta for someone's time and creativity cause they are "worthless", but they will pay over a billion for a tile close to D6 market. Just saying people's priorities and values seem pretty F'ed these days.
  13. Issue has been this way for three days before I posted.
  14. That is fine if you want to miss out on 14,000 - 16,000 additional ore per day, when the MU itself when optimally calibrated puts out around 9,600 if running 4x on a tile. (@100l per hour) vs. (3500l - 4000l per calibration) That is a significant amount of daily ore to miss out on.
  15. The player base ultimately reflects what the game's ecosystem allows to flourish. Sorry but when I can sell a single tile that is located close to D6 for 1.1 Billion quanta, but people complain to me about my price of a 1 million quanta blueprint, and tell me my designs aren't worth that... back pre-dementor (when you could make that in 15-minutes.)... Overall being a builder is a thankless job, the player base is too small to sell at scale, and people want to pay you next to nothing to own months of your free time for custom work. All of this tells me as a builder I am not valued by most of my community.
  16. just making it clear... this is a sanctuary tile without respawn we are talking about here, I couldn't care less about other planets not respawning surface ore. Only concerned about new players with this issue.
  17. Dear NQ, Wanted to thank you for balancing the tiles so there is at least 100L of each mineral on Sanctuary tiles. I know everyone thinks I am angry and just ranting all the time, which honestly has been pretty true since Dementor as there is a lot of devastating change. That said, this is a really good step in the right direction for builders casuals who just want to manage one tile, login ever few days and spend most of their time building as they can get the base ore they need to make basic things without having to have multiple tiles or worry about tile taxes, or trading at a loss to swap for other T1 ore. Respectfully, Creator
  18. My talents are nearly maxed and I would have to agree it is still tedious.. to "optimize" is not friendly for builders or casuals. Even the people that play all day every day a lot of them are getting tired of being an Mining Unit Nanny.
  19. Sorry guys, tapping out, unless there is a significant change to Dementor.
  20. This is on Sanctuary, and tried your recommendations, they won't respawn.
  21. @WylieFox 100% same for me, and beyond a few other things... is my biggest complaint as well. I don't want to daily play Mining Unit Nanny for peanuts.
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