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  1. I thought I canceled my Sub months ago yet they're still charging my card. This is bullshit as I can't even play this game on my PC anymore. I haven't played in almost a year. I tried but failed to even find where they are keeping my card info.
  2. When I logged in today The game did some sort of download...I figured it was an update tho someone said it was a roll back ...anyways before today I never had any issues with the game crashing to desktop, but now I can't play at all...as soon as I log in and spawn in the game I get a fatal error HTTP message then the game closes. Am I the only one?? I posting here because support isn't responding to tickets.
  3. I've been playing since the first day of the Beta and never had any problems logging in until this morning. Not sure what to do. My login works for the website....Anyone else have this issue, and wht's the fix?
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