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  1. This feature is needed more and more. There is no way to upgrade your M base to L, moving hundreds of industry elements and links is not a realistic option just to replace your core
  2. M ship with L guns cant lock XS ship with L guns, So small ship can fire at you but you cant fire at XS ship alto your guns are the same making big ships unfit for PvP. It's easy pray for people. Btw i was just passing by the planet and 3 qube ships are waiting for people coming from Alioth to Talemai. I had to pass by them, i would like to try give it a go and fight them but as it is right not that's impossible for me with and M core 😕 i will add some number while at it. M ship can fire at XS within 40km range, XS can fire at M within 160km. So it's not even close
  3. Use XS ships with large guns is not a counter against XS ships with large guns, that's a stalemate meta. Big ships cost more there should be more dangerous always. Im not saying big ship should wipe the floor with XS ships but XS shouldn't be immune to big ships and that's what we have now. Badly designs M ship should loose to well design XS and skilled pilot and that should be balanced with hit probabilities and angular momentum like in EVE, player that doesnt know what they doing will die. This 'im a big ship i cant fight small ships' is just bad for the game. People will be just making XS turret ships and that defeats the reason of having guns on big ships in a first place
  4. So my destroyer with large guns needs to have XS core "turret" sitting on it because he cant use his own large guns but the XS can? This is very bad way of doing things. I can understand that this somehow makes sens in your mind but it promotes way of playing the game that is really bad. We have to do weird things that looks stupid and are a big hassle only to be able to fight back qube meta. Qubes might not be the most agile but they can destroy you before you get in range of them with you big ship, so agility of the cube doesn't even matter, you can't engage it, your option is to run or not use big ships
  5. thats good to know. BTw do you know about something changing with the control units and radars? im unable to connect both atmo and space radar at the same time despite having plenty of available cap. but in F1 menu it should be possible.
  6. watch this video, this is the current meta: discussing XS qube ship with 2 large railguns As a bigger ship you can't fight them at all
  7. Hello! I'd like to get access to the NDA forums please
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