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  1. I have been trying to find more information about how Beta keys that are given out in supporter pack will work, but wasn't able to find any. Does a supporter need to use one of the keys in order to get access to beta or are they for gifting only? If someone has an article on this or knows about it I'd appreciate it.
  2. No, it's an organization. We are however very open to people with allegiances to other orgs, we also let these people(usually allies) interact with some aspects of domestic policies and changes.
  3. SP isn't an actual 'protectorate' as we know it. We had a poll for our name change over a year ago and someone posted this name and it won. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And since we're a democratic org we didn't have a choice. We're a fully independent organization with no overlord whatsoever.
  4. Sector Protectorate Sector Protectorate is a militarily and diplomatically focused organization with members of rich DUC background and experience. Sector Protectorate was founded in January 25th of 2017, meaning it is reaching its 2nd year of existence. SP is not active in the Dual Universe Forums as of right now, but is fairly active in the Dual Universe discord servers and Dual Universe Community Website. Sector Protectorate is divided into three divisions: The Army - Led by Wakama This division includes all military personnel in the organization, including ground forces and the navy. Its primary function is the defense of the organization from all threats, both international and domestic. It is currently the largest division in the organization. The Civics/Economy Led by Tristan This division includes all non-military and non-diplomatic personnel in the organization, including personnel such as designers, builders, and miners. It has many functions as it is the beating heart of the organization. It is tasked with the creation of new ships, buildings, resources, and management of trade. It is currently the second largest division in the organization. Foreign Relations Led by DrettTheBaron This division is the smallest of the three with only a handful of members, it is tasked with the communication with the outside world, actions such as Trade Agreements, Non-Aggression Pacts and/or Alliances are all managed by this division with the overseeing of all councelors(Wakama, Tristan, Drett). For its small size, it is the most important division in this state of the game. This is only a brief review of SP, if you wish to know more, visit the Sector Protectorate Discord Server We are excited to see you as either new member or a traveler looking around DU, we are a friendly, multicultural organization with a major player base in Europe. The requirements to join are very simple, (1) The ability to speak fluently English(Non-Native speakers are extremely welcome) (2) The ability to join the SP Discord Server
  5. Sector Protectorate speaks Czech, Danish, Spanish and understands German and French https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/sector-protectorate
  6. So i was wondering becouse i made a rankin tree and i made there the Planetary warfare section [General, Seargent ,soldier] and i acctualy dont know if there will be any hand weapones. So i would be very greatful if you helped me.
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