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  1. Finally someone who think! We all look so dumb next to you now XD And im not even kidding.
  2. Shall we stop now ? Source: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/378-devblog-builder-gameplay-voxel-tools-elements/#entry1806 first post
  3. Well im not up for F2P model either, it is worst possible model for this so i am up for B2P because i just need to save few months to get it Plus one big con is that only SE and Blizzard only can go with subscription model because they get money from other products so im afraid Sub model on this might flop, especially when people dont need to buy product. So i have proposal: why don't go with same plan than EVE going this month, make players buy (with something like 40-50$) and limit features and with sub they unlock rest of features and after 6 month subscription they can extend their sub state with PLEX like item ?
  4. Haven't played WoW since Burning Crusade release week, haven't played EVE since i got disabled, with current incomes i can afford only save like 8 € in MONTH so i can't play this anyway... So for me it is commit life or leave. Edit. and i highly doubt this can go Ascent - The Space Game 3 €/month subscription....
  5. I don't personally like subscription based games anymore because it tells player to commit himself to game = get rid off real life or leave like EVE Online made me leave so i am looking forward to EVEs clone state system. That is reason why i loved old GW2 business model.
  6. Maybe build ship inside planet and use mega like gravity generator make it weight like a feather ? lol
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