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  1. True but "once discovered". So you will have to explore with an escort or hope like you said the timer is long enough you can snag some ore and book it or enough time for your guards to arrive.
  2. So turning asteroid mining into an event and broadcasting to everyone where it is. Well there went my "looking forward" to asteroid mining. I was hoping they would just randomly respawn in space and you would have to find them and just have ships guard the miners while they mine.......
  3. Works great. One issue I did find is your xml file will only work with the online version. Desktop version doesn't load your custom legend.
  4. Attachment unavailable. DU forum attachments are bugged at the moment.
  5. How do we set engines to vtol for vertical take off. Hover and vertical boosters engines can only do so much. I would like to do a build using some engines facing down.
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