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  1. A few more questions: [4] Will there be pressurization? as in: hallways in space need to be pressurized with air to be habitable for a player with no suit etc? or if the ship is on fire you could close some bulkhead doors and vent the air to quench the fire? [5] Following on from [4], will there be fire spread mechanics, so you may need to deal with fire spreading due to damage? [6] Will orbital mechanics be in the game? so if you for example have a station within the gravitational pull of a planet and do not fuel up its engines will its orbit decay and it will, eventually, fall back to the planet? [7] Will there be Atmospheric entry simulation? so you need to add some heat shielding or even force field shielding to your ship else it will burn up on entry? [8] Will Planets/Full Systems that are discovered be able to be named by the player/corporation that discover them? [8.5] How will players navigate the discovered universe? will there be a star map of sorts, or will this be left for players to create and sell/share with the in-game html5/lua and screens? Thank you once again for reading! Best regards, Sam.
  2. [Q1] With the HTML5 screens/UI elements, can they get data from the world wide web, to for e.g stream music to players in an elevator or to display custom images/video etc. or will it be a closed system of defined resources/endpoints? [Q2] With the LUA scripting, can I interact with html5 pages iv created for monitors so I could create intractable content in html5 for throttle control or door controls etc.? [Q3] Will there be an external API for people to create realworld applications to aid gameplay? even if mainly just for informational purposes similar to EvEOnline's CREST API. Thanks for reading, Hope iv worded these questions okay and hope to see some answered!
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