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  1. This topic will address the potential for a Fanfest in the Asia/Oceania region. Much like our European counterpart, no promises or guarantees can be made on if this venue will go forward. Another key point of information; unofficial. This venue will not be endorsed in any way by Novaquark.
  2. And I'll consider a venue for the Asia/Oceania region. Unless someone else hosts one for Asia, then I'll just do Oceania.
  3. If a contract is signed between two organisations and one breaks that contract, what options does are available to the other organisation to pursue in game legal action?
  4. I've heard politics mentioned around and I'm wondering to what depth shall the political systems in Dual Universe go to? Can we expect to be made planetary governor or create our own political factions born from the organisations we create that has the potential to engulf entire sectors of space and put them under our control? Will we be able to appoint those further down in the ranks in our organisations into menial positions, like Minister for Finance or Defence for example?
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