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  1. If someone is not well versed in LUA programming and therefore buys a ready-made script, how will they know that it does not contain any malicious function? For example: switching off the core unit at an altitude of X in atmosphere. The idear is fine - but i think not realy realistic
  2. I don't see it much different. However, I would not say "something has to keep the solar system from being lawless" but "someone or something...". Among the 10 biggest corporations there is a Pirate Corp at the moment, but there are also several corporations that have made it their business to do exactly what you are asking for - the history of EVE has certainly played a part in this. And Novaquark wants the players to shape the universe and the rules in it and will probably not put in any mechanisms that would leave the pirates no options. But it shouldn't be like with EVE that pirates or who
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