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  1. This is very much stupid in the long run. This is as some have stated, to appear like content and its a copy of the blueprint system in EVE, with high potential to kill the playerbase. In EVE you were always able to protect your very pricey BPOs in a NPC station, and only bring the copies into danger if you choose to. Here in DU in a game where in some day nothing (or almost nothing) will be save, those prices even for a few rudimentary parts are way to high, so some big group can just get bigger than you and take all the hours from you. Hours you needed to get at least a basic set of those. Hours are a precious comodity, and what makes people decide if they keep playing or not. I thought in the last months it will be dangerous for DU that if you can take away peoples hard spend hours over hours just with brute force (and we all know thats what some people do, just to fuck around with other people) it might be a thing that gets the average player, that came into this building game to build, to say after getting raped by a big group "fuck this I am out of here" and potentially get the playerbase to a dangerous threshold (and to be clear for all the PvP guys already raging at this, this game has PvP, but its not PvP only, and even more than EVE this game will depend on the masses of miners & builders, and without those there are no materials to build PvP ships with or people to shoot at). But now with introducing those "BPOs" or schematics, for those prices, and you basicly need them for every tiny bit, (not that there is like a Metalworks schematic, teaching you screws and pipes) the hours you need to spend get even worse to even get along a little bit. So when the time comes and stuff gets exploidable by war, can be taken from you, just because you decide not to be happy with a 1000 member organistion. You will be literally fucked and leave this nice game for good. Especially as its a game you pay for to have fun, and getting robbed by a big group of uncountable hours of monotoneous hard labor is no fun...
  2. Hi NQ, a really good idea for the quality of life, would be an indicatior that marks the cores direction when you set it down. As they are basicly mirrored and look the same on both halfs, but have different length in each x, y, and z axis ( btw whats up with that? one direction 254,5 voxels the other 255,5???). So to align them all in the same orientation it would be wonderfull if when placing them, we would get a sweet nice marker, like on the dynamic cores. That one can be gone after we place them down and outside of buildmode. But to build very large buildings its really nasty to align them all in the same orientation Thanks for reading Lordbelakor
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