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  1. You are quite right! I was frustrated that yet another "pre-alpha" had come along and i'd missed it yet again. I paid up-front in order to be allowed an early preview of the game as promised and it was so long ago I can honestly say i do not remember reading anything that said, "Most of the early previews will be on European time" but regardless, i was irritated and took it out on my original post. To all those i offended, my apologies. This doesn't change the fact that numerous "tests" have been conducted and a large portion of the US audience who will eventually become custo
  2. And when i try to go to the correct forum - i get the identical error message as when i try logging onto the game. Talking about logging on is NOT the same as talking about BEING on. I was curious if anyone else had the same problem. Nothing more, nothing less. That is NOT an NDA violation and your reply was little more than "Look how much i know and you dont" it's really irritating.
  3. Did i read something wrong in the email? Here we are. Jan 19th. It's 4:25 pm CST which is 5:25 pm EST New York, USA: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 at 04:00 EST until 07:00 EST Definitely within the boundaries of the time slot. Once again though - unable to login. It's becoming a bit of a pattern really *edit* Wait...those times aren't AM are they???????? SOMEONE AT NOVAQUARK PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME YOU AREN'T SCHEDULING TIMES AT 4AM???? 3AM FOR ME? PLEASE TELL ME THIS. Any help would be appreciated. -LK
  4. TWERK! You nailed it bub (per your usual standards!) Thanks -LK
  5. Hey guys...we're using this Thread to connect actual Landmark-Builder fans...not to hurl fecal matter at each other like monkeys in cages. While many like myself were drawn in by the lure of EQ-Next (I do desperately want another GREAT MMO to come out) that doesn't mean the creative side of my personality didn't show thru with my creations. I very quickly became a fan of just building. Heck, i'd have loved an EQN World where i was nothing more than an architect for guilds to hire and construct their...whatever. Castle/keeps/homes/taverns whatever. Learning how to use the sandbox became th
  6. TRUE! LOL What little i've seen looks very cool though - at least it has potential. Then again, we all said that about LM too.
  7. And oh BTW - i'm not saying anything about the development life-cycle or the terms they are currently setting their goals for...i'm talking about the HOURS OF OPERATION for pre-alpha...for me all of them have started at 6 am. They are establishing times that are unreasonable for "gamers" in our region. THAT was my point - not how long it takes them to build the product. I think they've done an amazing job considering the time and money they've had to invest.
  8. Really? As a game-developer i didn't know that. Thanks Core!
  9. I really REALLY want to enjoy this product but so long as they continue to have "Pre-Alpha Access!" at hours that are unacceptable to anyone with a lick of creative thought in my area, i'll just have to wait another year for the beta to get released No...i'm not getting up at 6am on a Saturday just to have a few hours access. Call me silly but as a gamer, if i'm up at 6am Sat morning its because i haven't gone to bed yet. Love the unicorn you made in LM btw
  10. It seems odd and concerning to me that my posts indentify me as a 'member' and not 'Pre-Alpha Tester' - also does not indicate my Gold status.

  11. Hey Bomb Damian, since these will actually "fly" i'll be creating my own designs but that doesn't mean i won't at some point go for something truly special...it'll all come down to how much room will i have to build.
  12. Ahhh thank you Lethys I was under the impression it would be this weekend. Totally my bad.
  13. Ahh well that's kind of nice then I'm guessing somewhere on the site is the installer then?
  14. I'm a gold contributor here but i have received no Alpha invite as yet...however to answer your question yes, i played Landmark. Kept to myself mostly so i doubt you saw any of my stuff but here's a link to my last build...i will not be trying to reproduce it in DU though: I'll be going more for creating unique, usable space-craft and perhaps land-craft as well Hopefully, i'll get that Alpha invite I keep hearing about -LK
  15. Thus far in every entertainment realm I've encountered there are always limits on all user interaction and while there appear to be limits here too, they are far less restrictive. I'm not much for dungeon crawling but i'm definitely into the building aspect...and not simply larger either - larger but just as detailed as something built on smaller scales. I expect the resource requirements alone will keep me busy - perhaps busy enough to have entire teams of resource gatherers, processors, traders, etc...and when we're done, our ships will be enormously sought after - owning a one-of-a-
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