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  1. I'm glad I stopped playing this game. I feel much better ever since.
  2. Well after seeing the mess it creates, after spending so many hours setup'ing my industry for the past days/weeks, I'm taking a break, this is too much to take at once, I'm out. Thanks NQ for breaking the game. Prices on schematic are (already) ridiculous. So basically those who live in the EU could get those same schematic at 75,000 just because they can play earlier than me. There is no way I spend 3 times what they spent just for fun of mining some more.
  3. Exactly, I have quit EVE Online because it was not fun, it was a job. If this becomes like that, it's over for me. Of course this is a matter of opinion as to what is fun and what is not. Games requires grinding to extend the time you need to play it, but there is a limit to what grinding is needed versus the fun it procures.
  4. Resetting money won't change much as big orgs already have what's worth much more than money: high tier elements.
  5. The end of DU as we know it is near. Brace yourselves for impact! Am I disappointed because I just spent 10 to 12 days building and digging my L core Factory. Yes! But this is just a game after all. Spending time here or spending time watching movies is just a matter of perspective and preference.
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