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  1. Badly needed are pistons, pistons, pistons! Various lengths. Each length also in various diameters. I tried to use combined landing gear to unsuccessfully create a super-long leg that could lift my spaceship high enough for repairs or changes on its belly, but while they expand correctly, when they contract they do not stick together and leave some retracted landing gear "in the air". Pistons, ans maybe also rotors, would be a much needed addition to this wonderful game.
  2. Suggestion Hi, I think, it would be really nice (and beautiful), if we could insert a color hex code to the menu of a light that changes the light's color to the one defined in that hex code. An option to set the brightness of that light would be the spice of the already deliciously looking dish. Both, color and brightness should be addressable with LUA scripting, too.
  3. Suggestion For the market listings of items, it would be nice to have a switch that allows to filter out all items that are locally or on the planet not available.
  4. Suggestion The passengers of my shuttle can open the doors of the ship. Of course, as a responsible captain, I do not want any of my passengers to be at risk of falling out during flights. We need a very small forcefield that is just as wide as the opening of a door: maybe just 4 to 6 voxels, and the height could be player-adjusted to match the height of the door or tunnels or wherever players will use this micro forcefield. The generator itself measures just 2x1x1 voxels, and is attached outside one of the four sides of the forcefield, therefore easily integrated into floors, walls, or ceilings.
  5. Suggestion Cameras, when connected to screens, can let the player see what's happening at his other locations. Also possible: a ship with screens inside that show what would be the the three possible pilot's views (INSERT key). Heavily armored ships with no fragile cockpit on the outside might depend on such a useful feature. Also good for the troopers or VIPs a ship transports.
  6. Suggestion We need a variety of decorative honeycomb materials. There is no need for them to have high amounts of hit points, as they are used only for beauty but not for structural strength. Using them to beautify, players might use their varieties in abundance, so they need to be ultralights. I can imagine a bunch of new honeycomb materials that - despite being synthetic - mimic textures of natural elements, like various stones (rough surfaces), the organic structure of a plant leaf, or that look like different kinds of sand. Textile-alike surfaces would be nice, too, like white or cream cotton, leather types, various animal skin types (all artificial of course), fur types, canvas, or even blue jeans! Also thinking about paper and parchment, or a combination of them with thin wooden frames (like a Japanese door or wall). Other players might add their ideas and needs here.
  7. Suggestion The required wall thickness when cutting out shapes from a voxel sphere is 4 voxels. Too much waste of precious material, and this does not look good. Please work on your algorithms to allow that a wall thickness of one voxel already ensures stability of the outside of the sphere.
  8. This is a suggestion Another good option would be to have a regular ladder, good for inside ships and bases. Such a regular ladder would consist of a 2 voxel wide item that is also just 2 voxels high. It is the combination of several of them that makes a ladder - ideal because then the players can create that way ladders of different required heights, fitting the height of their floors.
  9. This is a suggestion Your great game allows us players do do really amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) constructions of hovers, flyers, and spaceships, as well as bases. But many ships are rather large, and the entrance can not always be close enough to the ground therefore. I suggest a new item: EXPANDABLE STAIRS & LADDERS & RAMPS. Those could be mounted onto a wall below an entrance. On activation, they expand vertically (ladder) or diagonally (stairs/ramps) downwards until they touch ground. If there need to be a maximum height limit in expanding, I would say let it be 3x the height of a door (in total 36 voxels). Optionally, those expanding stairs/ladders/ramps can be combined to increase the total height of expansion. A ladder would be 2 voxels wide, a stairs and ramp would be 4 voxels wide.
  10. This is a suggestion I think, I have a great idea, and many players will like it: It would be a craftable small item, a "Drone Surface Mining System". This device is half computer and half a surface ore collecting system. If this small device has been attached to a hover or flyer, it can be programmed to become a surface mining drone. The player can set a few instructions, like circling from the borders of the claimed land more and more to the center, or to move randomly over the claimed land. While moving, the drone vehicle would then collect automatically any surface ore that is below it, or collect only ore of selected types. Therefore, the player needs to have at least a small container (or any larger) on this vehicle. The device needs to be linked to the storage(s). It controls movement of the vehicle. If fuel is down at 5%, or the storage(s) report to be full, the vehicle returns to the place from where it started and waits for player input (emptying the container(s), adding new fuel. After landing, the device deactivates automatically. alternatively, it could also be linked to any base container(s) and empty the vehicle container automatically, and if it still has fuel left it would move off again and continue to search for more ore. The final stop would be when the fuel gets low and it returns for good to the base. The player can decide how the vehicle looks, (s)he builds it the way (s)he wants. Just the addition of that device adds drone capability to it. This would be a lot of extra fun, and also ease a bit the mining. Up to you developers, how small or big the ore-pickup range is below the device.
  11. Thanks for reading and giving me your input! ? Will change the original text.
  12. This is a suggestion. A tool that replaces the material of selected voxels with another material. This would make it possible to change materials of complex voxel shapes without going through the pain of having to remake the entire voxel "sculpture". TEXT shape allows selection of voxels on even or even rounded surfaces using a small text input window with adjustable font size ad font type, then being converted to a voxel output using a combination of existing voxel shapes to create that text, replaces them with voxels of a different (pre-selected) honeycomb material REGULAR SELECT & REPLACE Like the current voxel selection tool for removing them, but with the convenient difference that it replaces the selected voxels with a pre-selected voxel material ?
  13. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. TEXT shape a small text input window with adjustable font size ad font type, then being converted to a voxel output using a combination of existing voxel shapes to create that text
  14. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. FLAT HEXAGON shape flat like the cylinder shape but hexagonal, an additional key could help to add or reduce corner amount (pentagon, octagon, etc.)
  15. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. STRAIGHT CONE shape looking from the side like a triangle CURVED CONE shape Here, the two sides (not the bottom) of the "triangle" when seen from the side appear to be rounded
  16. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. HALF SPHERE shape to allow larger spheres by reducing voxel consumption (limits of astronaut's inventory capacity) QUARTER SPHERE shape sane as above
  17. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. DONUT (TORUS) shape: one key to increae/decrese diameter of inner free area, another key to increase/decrease diameter of outer ring segment
  18. Suggestion I could not find any feature to scale down (or up) selected voxels. Sometimes I want to scale proportionally (all 3 axes), sometimes I would need to scale down only along one of the three axes. Please add. Thanks.
  19. Suggestion I tried, unsuccessfully, to create a very big hollow sphere (as my base building) . I am failing because my own inventory cannot hold all honeycomb material needed. I suggest to create an option for spheres (and maybe other shapes): to create them HOLLOW, where wall thickness can be selected. This would ease up the task to create hollow spheres, and it would even save material!
  20. This is a suggestion Please add a new item, the "Mailbox". bases, flyers and spaceships can have such a mailbox attached to their hull. A mailbox allows other players, allied or not, to drop messages into it. In my particular case (that is how I got this idea), there is a neighboring player close to my own claimed land, and I purchased things from him in the past. I need to purchase again from him, but cannot contact him as he is in a different time zone. With the ability to drop a message for him in his base mailbox or parked flyers, I could let him know that I need to purchase more things from him. To avoid spam or hate mails, a mailbox message could just consist of different tickable boxes where each box indicates what it is about, and an option to message back the sender. Coordinates need to be a part of the message, though, so have a text field that just accepts numbers (0-9) and signs, (- . +). Also, when being on the base or ship of another player, that base or ship should indicate if the owner is ingame or offgame (mouse-over info?).
  21. Suggestion Once an item has been mounted, like a wing, it would be nice to still be able to change angle(s) of that mounted item (re-aligning) without moving it (as seen with tool 9). This opens up possibilities that do not exist with pre-mounting angle change.
  22. Suggestion Allow of resizing (scaling) to some extend (within a range) of items along all three axes, or of only along one axis. Especially DOWN-sizing is needed while the item still keeps its original properties unchanged.
  23. This is a suggestion Players love customization of their constructs. Please make items customizable, with paintable colors, textures, effects (metallic, glossy, flat, etc.).
  24. Suggestion We long for the announced implementation of more mining. We could envision a mining device that is mounted below a vehicle (maybe looking like a satellite dish) that emits rays into the soil which rapidly heat up ore and get it as gas and then rematerialized, cooled down ore into the device or attached container. Different devices for different depth of ground penetration.
  25. Suggestion We are also in need of honeycomb materials that are translucent, and that are transparent (Glass). Those should be available with various tinting at various degrees, too (brown glass, green glass, olive-drab glass, yellow, orange, black, etc.). Needed to create own cockpits in the shape of cupolas (domes), or for domes of bases, and much,. much more. Optionally, maybe the translucent version also blurs of what passes through visually.
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