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  1. Okay, thanks. I understand better now. The only thing I still do not understand is, what a "parcel container" is (probably just a language problem). Is it that part where your purchased items are waiting to be picked up?
  2. Errmmm, wrong, EndMyIon. Wrong. Destroying what normal, nice other people have built is not the meaning of "building a covilization". That is just sick destruction and killing. Somethign we usually enjoy doing when we're small toddlers. Building a civilization, to use your example, means to respect each other and build things together, to strife for higher goals. PVP weirdos are more the exact opposite. So, if you enjoy the conflict, why then you do not attack those who are armed, then? Because they can shoot back at you? So you go for those who cannot defend themselves against a hoard of weirdos who love destruction and are against civilization? Looks so. Mentally still toddlers... ? But again, look at my proposal. You can still have your conflicts and destruction. And you get challenge, as your targets are armed, too. They, too, enjoy destruction, just as you do. So why are you then so afraid of that? At the same time, we normal humans can go into the unsafe zone and meet a number of other challenges, as described before, which also can kill or get an astronaut stranded in the nowhere. UNSAFE does not mean PVP alone. Widen your view point. It can mean many other dangers. My suggestion has the potential to add a lot to the gameplay, while PVP weirdos still can do PVP among themselves. So where is the problem? We came up with the idea, to further enhance the adrenaline of PVP: that unarmed ships - at the brink of total loss - can self-detonate and create a huge area of destruction, destroying loot, ship, but also many of tthe ships around. This naturally makes PVP more balanced, and adds to the excitement and adrenaline push. No PVP hero with repution wants lame, unarmed ships only. So, instead of weapons, those slow ships would use just another way to add to the challenge. We do not see anytthing wrong with that. There is no monopoly for destruction just on one side, in a good, PVP-driven game.
  3. If you build armed ships "because of the pirates", then use these armed ships against the pirates. Not against normal, nice people. I believe strongly, you do not speak the truth. Wrong, little friend from outer space. Wrong. DU is not a PVP game. The PVP was just added despite that the core of the game was not about PVP. hat is why PVP is not optimized.
  4. Maybe I misunderstand: Why can't containers and distributers that were made usable to a player not do the saem thing? I never tried, maybe my thought is somewhere wrong. So please correct me if I am wrong. ?
  5. Dear NQ Staff, as you see this thread attracts a lot of resonance. Please consider this suggesttion. In any average game, PVP guys can attack anyone. But why would have DU be just like an average game? It already walked its own innovative path in so many ways. Here is my suggestion how to make PVP different than in other average games. Any ship inside the unsafe zone can attack only armed ships. If a ship is not armed, it cannot be attacked (an "intergalactic charta" prevents that). Sounds simple. But it will lift PVP to an entire new level. All those who love destruction and killing are confronted with their own kind, and can have much more challenge than ever before. The idea came to me when I looked at the current situation: a very few but almighty PVP groups control a vast part of the game universe, disabling effectively all other players to do what the game offers to them. With this small change I suggestion, the entire situation will change - PVP guys can still have their fun in destruction but more is now possible, for more people who pay to play DU. At the same time, the unsafe zone opens up to more players in unarmed ships, however, now as the risk of PVP involvement is gone, the unsafe zone becomes now available for "other" challenges that NQ still has to create. I could think of micro asteroids fast as a bullet and potentially harming or destroying ships. Or an occasional drifting ship wreck, but highly radioactive and able to kill anyone coming too close, or harassing the ship's electronic and LUA. Being in the unsafe zone, we could now even think about ship races where, at one point, bandits can shot with small-caliber weapons (and very limited line of fire) on the racing ships, as seen as in Star Wars with its Tatooine ground race (an exception to the general charta that prevents attacking unarmed ships). We came up with the idea, to further enhance the adrenaline of PVP: that unarmed ships - at the brink of total loss - can self-detonate and create a huge area of destruction, destroying loot, ship, but also many of tthe ships around. This naturally makes PVP more balanced, and adds to the excitement and adrenaline push. No PVP hero with repution wants lame, unarmed ships only. So, instead of weapons, those slow ships would use just another way to add to the challenge. We do not see anytthing wrong with that. There is no monopoly for destruction just on one side, in a good, PVP-driven game.
  6. Woukld be helpful if ships can only attack armed ships. So they get their destruction, while unarmed ships can do mining. That should be totally okay for PVP guys, as they love confrontation and destruction. So, let them have their confrontation and destruction among themselves. ? If they are really just abput PVP, this should be okay for them.
  7. Aren't you hearing yourself saying all that? It shows in a shocking way, how normal destructioin and unfairness have become to folks like you. It is this way of thinking, why we normal people look down to you.
  8. ZARCATA I share your opinion in all points. I could imagine epic PVP battles between the PVP organizations, and those would happen at a fixed day and time and everyone interested could be there in observation ships and enjoy the spectacle. Spectators and their observation ships should not be harmed. In fact, there should be a feature that allows to mak another organization (and thus all their ships and players) as ENEMY, and those would automatically be marked as such in the HUD. This way, PVP guys can avoid shooting normal people and their ships.
  9. LETHYS You just copy from others. Not much creativity there, but then again, you are a PVP guy. I still understand what you try to say, despite that you are not right. I wouldn't mind iof PVP guys fight PVP guys, having their epic battles among themselves. Sure, why not? Fighting an equal, that is a real challenge. But fighting, destroying, killing people who are no match? Come on, thatis not your level. Or is it? That would be a new low. ZARCATA Yes, that idea is interesting, I admit that. ? But then again, it would just show how much we all would depend on the "mercy" and good will of those PVP guys to use "their space". And only ONE single time in a full month. Fact is, that is not their space, not their game, but our all space and resources. We should not, NEVER even, treat those PVP guys like the owners of anything. Let PVP guys fight PVP guys. But not us normal, peaceful humans. What do you think about my view of the things?
  10. Often, ships are not properly docked, despite attempting. It would be nice, if a right-click on a ship can reveal if this ship is "docked" or "not docked". Only when requested by the owner, that status will be checked and displayed (to minimize burden for the server). If after severala ttempts a ship is still not docked, there could also be a "forced docking". When activated, the ship connects (docks) to the nearest surface of another ship (which consequently would of course be the one the player tried to dock to). It then will try to touch with its lowest part the wall) of the target ship net to its lowest part or as close as possible if no automatic movement helped to touch. If the ship is turnd with its bottom upwards, then it would try to touch the ceiling of the target ship closest to it, and so on.
  11. When looking at the map, there need to be an icon on each tile that this particular palyer has scanned already, maybe a small blue vertical rectangle with a white "S" in it. This helpful feature would prevent scanning tiles multiple times unintentionally over time. Another useful feature would be, if tiles (territories) owned by that player and/or his org(s), would be marked with a green border or filling color.
  12. Please give us: - Deck Chairs (paintable or using player-uplaoded images as tetures) - Round Cocktail Tables - Cocktails (can be used) - Parasol (paintable or using player-uploaded images as tetures) - Dining Plates (that can always be reconfigured to show one of diffwerent dishes) - Bath Tube
  13. A hotel? So let me see then. If you like, PM me the coordinates and your ingame name.
  14. I give you the Blue Heart (Like) because I of course appreciate your feedback. I always appreciate feedbacks even if they are contrary to my own opinion. But I am standing to what I said before. You guys just make it next to impossible for normal guys like me to do some occasional mining of T3 to T5 ore, It's like you consider all of that space and ore is yours alone. Many of us just don't like war and destrution and killing as you do for some reasons unknown to normal people. We, too, want to build in magnitudes and let our our own creativity which we have thrive,, not just you alone. Fact is, you disable most of us, for no other reason than just your egotism and need to have fun and magnitude on the cost )destruction of possibilities) of many others. So, it is very true what I said initially. Pure egotism. This is not even an insult (so don't get emotional), it is really just the fact. As sad as it is.
  15. I think, the initial posting just shows a huge amount of egotism, and nothing else. Legion is known to consist of folks that are strong and good in PVP (destroying what others have built) but obviously extremely weak in real character maturity. Most of us nomal players feel kinda sorry for those beings. We envy their destructuve skills, though. But, honestly, on a human side I do not expect much from any of them.
  16. Hi, I would liek to see, when the new planets come, one day, some very different types among them: - high-G planets (up to 3G to make it not too hard) - planets with a gas atmosphere that has so much pressure that it is halfway a liquid, slowing down ships but also providing great lift - planets with a gas atmosphere that absobs much light so theyare always like a sunset in terms of colors and reduced brightness - planets with an atmosphere that contains a high amount of dust, so it is not possible to see far - strong winds and stomrs that influence flying ships and walkign persons I can also imagine that native yet basic ground-covering life could exist on such a dust or dark planet, that resembles lichen or algae or fungi at most, but also having bio luminescence. Maybe also some luminescent seeds drifting slowly through the thick atmosphere. hat life would be very basic, no interaction possibnne. Just natural beauty. Distant, exotic worlds. Early life on its way. Also, the eisting planets could benefit from such great atmosphere as seen in Ark Survival Evolved. Clouds, light conditions, sunrises and sunsets, that all is most impressive there. With an atmosphere like that, our DU planets would look perfect!Take the challenge!
  17. A blueprint should be able to generate a hologram of that ship. Those holograms cannot be placed in market containers (cannot be sold) or given to any other player, but they can be placed as decorative element that can be placed like regular holograms.
  18. When flying a ship, the HUD displays a progress bar for each fuel tank showing how full or empty it is. Some of the fuel tanks are more relevant, some less. But if you have many installked, not all are visible. My suggestion is, when pressing TAB, that the order of fuel tanks can be changed by dragging a tank progress bar up or down. So you will end up seeing always the most relevant tanks.
  19. LUA should become able to - start scans, - getting scan progress (percent value), - get notified about end of scanning, - retrieve the results (ore types and amounts, and coordinates of the center of the scanned tile) - and also to initiate the saving of the scanner results.
  20. Please allow Animated GIFs for the User Image Upload area. Thanks.
  21. To prevent mis-use of the envisioned glass honeycombs (GH), there could be an auto-testing: any area of glass honeycombs must somewhere touch an area of any solid honeycomb material. If GHs belong to a static core AND their location is at least 100m above ground, that obligatory solid honeycomb material must not be further away than 20 voxels from any of those GHs. When flying a ship, GHs must be very visible somehow, maybe with an extra-strong turquoise tinting and/or strong light reflections, also to prevent ships colliding with them. Please, NQ, give us the glass honeycombs, we really need them badly.
  22. Please, NQ, when the Automated Mining comes (in a few days as promised in your official roadmap), then don't let this device be so expensive that only those who already have everything can afford it. Do a pricing and production costing that is possible for many. Please also do not forget to give us Transparent Glass Honeycombs.
  23. Dear NQ GMs, please contact me in regards to this (good) suggestion HamyMac had. Thank you.
  24. No, never 10x (1,000%) the thrust. That is not what I had in mind (I am the original poster). The thrust would be above the military engine of the same size, maybe 20% more.
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