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  1. Yes, that's a long-time wish. Similar suggestions were posted months ago. 🙂


    The ideal level of weathering would be similar to what can be seen and experienced in "Ark Survival Evolved", as I can compare directly.

  2. Your Voxel Grouping is identical to my suggestion that I posted months ago. 🙂
     Your Decorating and landscaping is  identical to my suggestion that I posted months ago. 🙂

    Instead many posting the same idea with only one response or so, it would be wiser to add your agreement or support to the existing suggestion, as for NQ it matters, how many positive answers a suggestion is getting.


  3. I enjoy the ship building most.
    But at the moment, I am just not often ingame anymore because this terrible duty of always having to go through all MU calibrations is a fun killer. I really hope, that there will be some sort of automation being added by NQ.


  4. I am observing myself spending less and less time playing DU. For me, the always repeated duty of having to calibrate MUs is what kills my game fun.

    At the moment, I only start the game to quickly undergo the frustration of the eternal necessary recalibration, occasional market sales, to keep all my tiles and I am out of the game again. This recurring duty has limited my enjoyment of DU in a big way.

    I beg NQ, the developers, to implement some sort of automation that is based on the player's talents and limitations and average calibration percentage, to restore the fun of this otherwise very very remarkable game. I hope, I am the only one who feels that way, but believe, more might feel the same way

  5. 7 hours ago, RugesV said:

    If you have a real life that keeps getting in the way don't mu alone.  Do it with a group of people. 


    Hmm, that could work for persons who play in groups. But what about all these single players? And there are many of them. Also, not each org has many members, there are many orgs with only 2 to 5 members, each having 35 MUs. So, if one person is off, not all calibrations can be done.

    When looking at the situation, we should not look at it with the eyes of the strongest (big orgs), but with the eyes of the weakest. My suggestion takes no possibilities away, and also does not add more possibilities, it only allows those who are interested or are in need to involve automation. These Mining Managers are optional, not a Must for everyone.

  6. A Community Core is an indestructable core, that serves the purpose of Civilization Building and requires cooperation between different players.

    Community Cores can be obtained only at the single Community Office (see that thread) on each planet, and only players who have a headquarter of that planet can enter the Community Office.

    Some of these Community Cores are free of cost, initially, some others have a price, still affordable, between 50,000 Q up to maybe 3,000,000 Q.

    There are many different types of Community Cores, but all types require, after being obtained by one player, that various numbers of other players are also entered as owner to that core, between one other player up to maybe 9 other players. Only then than static or space Community Core can be placed, and the associated players can start to do, what is required by that Community Core.

    A good example for a Community Core is the "TriCore", that is already featured in an own thread (please see that thread), here inside this Idea Box forum.

    There are many different types of Community Cores with their individual honeycomb and element minimum requirements to the players (rooms must be built and equipped, etc., but design up to the players), and only if the associated players finish what is required in building, that Community Core, now an indestructible Community Building that gives benefits to the associated players or even to any player that has a headquarter on that planet, starts to function. 

    - types of Ship Enhancement Wharfs (some adding 2% max speed, some add 2% less fuel consumption etc. to any ship of any player with an HQ on that planet if the player moves the ship inside that wharf)
    - types of Miner's Guild Offices (some offices slightly increase a player's yield, or increase calibration charge restoration, etc., when the player visits that office one time)
    - types of Cosmetic Clinics (one clinic allows the player to alter the face of the own avatar, another to alter body height, another for slim/fat, etc.)
    - types of Farm Stores (each specialized in seeds of different plants, decorative and/or agricultural)
    - types of Hardware Stores (each of them selling one type of special element, like XS glass panel, domed glass panels, new decorative elements, etc.)
    - types of Planetary Shields (indestructible orbital space Community Cores, making it gradually harder for armed ships of other planets to enter this planet, like dealing some initial damage)
    - types of Producer Guild Stores (offering specialized schematics or reduced price schematics or free schematics with reduced runs, wished by two members of this forum)
    - etc., etc., etc. The possibilities are endless.

    There must be an automatically updated list of services and products available inside the completed special Community Buildings of that planet.

    Only players with a headquarter of that planet can benefit or buy there. Therefore, all players of that planet have a strong interest that their planet develops, that many Community Buildings are being built from Community Cores by players of that planet. Civilization Building.

    Players earn Reputation for each completed Community Building. This Reputation may result in added permanent slight reductions of transaction fees when buying/selling items at the markets of that planet, or in other benefits I cannot think about yet. Maybe, Reputation could even have interesting advantages outside the own planet, just a first glimpse of an idea...
    More than one type of advantage can be possible.

    Community Cores, if static cores and requiring neighbors to join, can only be placed at the border of those tiles. Other static Community Cores may have different placement requirements. Space Community Cores must be placed at assigned locations in orbit around that planet.


  7. Each planet has already a central building (tower) that currently is used for missions only.


    This building, since already in place, could also easily host a number of offices where players can go inside and interact, one of them being the Community Office.

    Inside that Community Office, owned by the NPC Authority for Planetary Development, the player can sign up as Community Helper, if this player has its headquarter (or any of his/her headquarters) on that particular planet. The office worker or office computer would then offer a so-called "Community Core" of a randomly-chosen type. Some of these Community Cores are free of cost, some others have a price attached. But all of the commercially obtainable Community Cores are still inside the affordable range, somewhere between 50,000 ISK up to 3,000,000 ISK. I will create an own thread for those Community Cores. But all have in common, that each of them needs more than one player as owner and to fulfill the associated conditions. My "TriCore" (mentioned already in another thread) is an example for one of those Community Cores.

    The Community Office is a distribution point for Community Cores.



  8. I, for example, think my ships look good, even a bit outside average. But I would never ever use them for PVP, too stressful, and I already live in a country (Jamaica) where I have plenty violence around me, no week without gun shots somewhere around, and killed or badly injured humans. Maybe that explains, why I am not much a big fan of even more violence inside games. I simply have enough of that around me and know, not to heroize violence, robbery, destruction and killing.

    I would not understand, why players would spend artistic work on any ship that might just likely to become a total loss. But, who knows - let the game and the players surprise me.

  9. No, the calibration is not removed, the Mining Manager is doing that. My aim is, to ease the pressure of those players who have a real life, not to be forced to go each day ingame just to do calibration by themselves. Many players are having families or at least a partner, many still have some sort of employment.

    The MM would use the talent values of the player, and also use value from the player's previous calibrations to randomly create new calibration values. It is not possible for the player, to place more effective MUs, as his skills and calibration charges are being used up by the mining manager.

    This is just, to remove the duty of forcing persons to go ingame each day. Duties, pressure can destroy the fun on a game and make them leaving such a game for good.


  10. At the moment, the recycler does not have the ability to recycle. My idea is this:

    You put elements into the input container of the recycler, and it disassembles that element one level down, the output container then contains the parts that element was made of.
    If you put parts into the input container, the recycler gives you the parts or refined ore they were made of.
    However, the recycler would not recycle refined ore into raw ore.

    For this all, no schematics are needed, as the elements or parts had already required schematics to be created once.

    There could be a reduction in output, like 90% of the ingredients. But maybe not practical, in case only one element is being recycled into its ingredients and has only the amount of one of a part in it.

  11. But if you need honeycombs, you could produce them in your factories. And if you want a beautiful ship, you can make them easily by yourself or purchase them on DU-Creators.org.

    Also, if that comes true, then players would simply add a block of honeycombs to their ship. No beautiful shapes, as no one with sense would invest time and design on a ship for PVP space. The best you may get is some thing like a basic frame of honeycombs, the worst would be above-said cube.

    But I may be wrong with my interpretation of your wishes behind your suggestion. So please tell me, WHY you want honeycombs to be involved?

  12. At the moment, it is really frustrating having to go to each MU and calibrating them each few days. Many people are working in real life, or have a private life that prevents them from spending time each day inside DU. If a beloved game becomes just an enforced duty, the fun goes. That is dangerous. For this, I am offering an elegant and doable solution. If you like the idea, please support it with a brief "Yes" or "Signed" as posted answer.

    Mining Manager (MM)

    When opening the MU interface, there would be then two radio selectors: "Mining Manager Training" and "Mining Manager Control". When "Training" checked, the Mining Manager is in training mode and records the calibration percentage of your calibration. At least, three times the player needs to calibrate the MU, to have the Mining Manager calculating an average percentage. Before those minimum three calibrations, the mining manager cannot be set to "Control". However, once the MM controls already, it is still possible to add training at any time.

    When in "Control", the player does not have to spend time again to calibrate the MU, this is now taken over by the MM. The MM uses the talents of the player. When the MM is calibrating, it centers around the average percentage the player achieved during all training sessions. However, casual spikes can go to the maximum or minimum of trained calibrations. Calibrations are then made automatically, as soon as the talents of the player allow (as the MM uses the talent values of the player). The Mining Manager is using the calibration charges of the player.

    The question now is, if the MM is an element, should there be one element that handles all MUs on all different tiles and constructs? Or should it be able to manage al of them.
    In case the Mining Manager is a part of each MU, the above question would still apply in any case, the player may have to set an "order of importance" to each MU - especially in cases where the amount of MUs is near or at the maximum the talents of the player can handle.

    This could be an added element that handles all MUs of a construct, or it could be made a part of any MU without being an own element. A mining manager does not give any ore advantages to the player, it however takes away the stress and burden having to calibrate by hand each day - meant to ease the duties for those players that cannot be each day inside DU, but also for all others.    🙂



  13. I actually suggested the same, too - some longer time ago. 🙂

    I also added, that DC factories could use machines with a slower output, or higher resource needs.

    I support your idea and give it a Blue Heart.

  14. Thanks, Taelessael, for your feedback.
    If the research trees would just output exactly the same stuff that is available already at the markets to everyone, where is the excitement to have something almost no one else can produce? Just because Taelessael wants to get some market items cheaper? 😄

    What I try to offer with my suggestion is the first system that indeed might be working to bring people together (to some extend), with the aim to produce almost unique things, so there is a big demand universe-wide. My own suggestions about the items are meant to be just a motivation to others, to add the unique items they could imagine, and of course which they want. So far, it is correct, that the TriCore adds a lot to the fun and interaction and also excitement and depth of this wonderful game.

    So, in behalf of Taelessael I am adding these items to the list of wanted research output:
    - some or all available schematics maybe or maybe not cheaper and if, then maybe with limited runs or still unlimited runs

    Admiral Yolomoto, thanks to you, too, for your feedback. You suggest that it should be enough, just to have neighbors, to place this special core. Okay. But what I try add to this wonderful game is a need, that neighbors of any kind and color and directives have to talk to each other t start a project which also requires them to agree on some things and to add their own resources to make these special things work. This caters to the long promised but not yet fully implemented promise, that DU will be having components of Civilization Building when it launches. My concern is, to ensure that this game, when it is being launched, gets very good critics, because I want to play this game for a long time. That is, what this interaction between players to achieve something together is so important.

    Another thing I am wondering about is, why would someone spend resources to build a research facility that outputs existing and widely available schematics, if those are available already at the markets. Where is the uniqueness and the need of all others to come to your place to obtain a special thing?
    But anyhow, seeing that you wish for schematics, I will add them now as your suggestion.
    - Industry Schematics

    To everyone else who is reading this thread, please post the special or not special things here that you could imagine to develop in cooperation with other players. Thanks.

  15. - different sizes of flagpoles
    - flag standards
    - specialized tools
    - avatar cosmetics
    - plant seeds
    - plant seed collecting drone
    - basic soil honeycomb schematics
    - transparent glass voxels
    - borderlessly merging glass panels
    - xs glass panel
    - rounded glass panels of different sizes an angles and segment sizes
    - oily rainbow honeycombs
    - mirror honeycombs
    - avatar cosmetics
    - avatar clothing

  16. The game urgently needs Civilization Building before it should be launched. Here is my suggestion.

    Create a new type of core, the "TriCore".
    A single player can purchase it, and even place it. But right after placement, at least one or maximum two different of the neighbors must add their claim to this special core, otherwise it will decay within 24 hours. Only if a TriCore received claims of at least two different players, it remains in place.

    They would be placed at the border junction of three tiles, and it automatically then moves to the exact center of those three tile borders. The shape of such a TriCore could be triangular, or hexagonal when seen from above.

    What does such a TriCore do?
    It opens up a very wide range of additional possibilities, and involves randomized research groups each with several research trees inside. The random also depends on WHO these two or three players are:
    - Do they all belong to the same organization or same player account?
    - How many talent points do they have already?
    If they are from truly different organization and player accounts, there would be a set of high-ranking research groups from which the TriCore randomly selects one.
    If the different players are from the same player account, this will set again a different set of medium-ranking research groups. And if it is even the same player, this selects yet another set of (low-ranking) research groups of which the TriCore selects one randomly.
    Another factor that influences the Research Groups available for random selecting by the TriCore is, what type of terrain it is, and what type of ore exists in the underground. And of course, the importance of the accessible research groups also depends on the amount of players who added their claim to the TriCore: teams of only two players cannot access the full range of Research Groups , only research groups of slightly reduced benefits.

    After the placement of the TriCore, the two or three tile owners then can start to build with honeycombs a building that has research rooms: The more rooms and the larger the rooms, the better. Each player builds inside his/her own tile despite that the TriCore belongs to each of them. Once the rooms are built, the two or three players must now consult with each other and decide, which research tree inside the research group randomly selected by the TriCore  want to start with, and agree on that by each player selecting that research tree from the list. The players now buy various Research Equipment from the markets. Not each equipment element can be used for each research tree, but the current research project of the agreed tree tells them what equipment is needed. (Optionally, they also buy on the Human Resource Market some scientists/researchers based on the Match Value of that employee for their selected research. Otherwise it is the players who do the research.)

    At first, research will be slow. But as soon as the first HOUSING research of someone's TriCore is finish and those players get the schematics and produce them, all other players can by then these products for their own TriCore cooperation towers: small or medium or large parks of different types, cinemas, TV stations, radio stations, and s on. hen those things are placed on the own TriCore cooperation Tower, it will have the one or other positive impact on research speed or even unlock more research projects of the selected research tree of the randomly assigned research group. There could be a global research map with a search-by-keyword feature, divided into categories, where players can find out which TriCore Cooperation Tower sells the items needed for the own research speedup. It also allows players, to send their research item suggestions to NQ, so NQ news what's wanted and can create more research trees and research projects. A player-driven universe where players have to cooperate to achieve things together for themselves and all other players.

    No research can be kept secret - if not being offered within a week to the public and remaining public, that research (and all subsequent research) is lost and other player teams could get it assigned.

    After the first (lowest) research project of that research tree has been finished, the team can start on one of the next higher or same-level research projects of that branching tree. Requirements may differ, new research equipment might be needed to be purchased at the markets, new or bigger rooms might be needed (m3 value must match at least, and needed or even more research machines must be in place each requiring its own space inside that room or those rooms.

    And research speedup items are just some of many research trees. A wide variety of items will become available over time at the TriCore Cooperation Towers (TCCTs). In fact, there should not be more than three TCCTs doing the same research. Means, a wide variety of research trees is required.

    Some research products will be great for PVPers, some for unarmed ship builders, some for miners, some for farmers who need seeds and soil honeycombs, some for those who wish to individualize their avatars, some who want very unusual, special honeycombs with unseen properties (like glass honeycombs, oily rainbow surface honeycombs, heat shield honeycombs, etc.), and so on.

    Example: Avatar Cosmetics:
    A TCCT has finished research on how to change the MOUTH of an avatar. These two or three players now build a CLINIC and players from all across the Dual Universe who wish to alter their avatars must now come to that very TCCT to visit one of the probably three clinic rooms. They select one of the rooms, pay that player (fees are fixed by the research not the player), and join the waiting line. Once it is their turn, they then enter that room, and select the mouth area they want. The more research has been down on Mouth Areas, the more mouth types become available, or the more the sliders that alter that area can be moved. Beside mouth, there are also all other customizations: eyes nose, cheeks, forehead, hair, facial hair, vertical head size, head thickness, eye color, eye brows, neck length and thickness, body muscularness or slackness, bodyheight or shortness, boy age, obesity or meagerness, headwear, upper wear (shirts), lower wear, foot wear, and so on.

    In Brief
    TriCores require different players to work together, to achieve something for themselves and for the entire DU community.
    A TCCT contains at first research room. Over time, it would also contain leisure and resting rooms, libraries, and much more.
    When research has been completed, these three players receive schematics that can be built with the existing DU industry machines.
    TCCTs will then also contain service rooms or sales rooms or even hotel rooms (giving some sort of benefit to the guest), that pay out directly to the two or three cooperating players.
    Vastly different research projects. Not more than three identical research trees Dual Universe wide.

    TCCTs with their TriCores should be implemented before official game launch just to be in place, though much of the research projects, research trees and research groups can be added after official game launch.

    At the early begin of this feature, their might not be enough research groups/trees created by NQ for each already existing TCCT, so they remain inactive until more research trees are in place and they get one.

    I just gave the initial suggestion, but it is up to all the players and NQ staff, to add flesh to this idea.
    Dear players, please add your suggestion for research items below. Thanks.


  17. 10 hours ago, RugesV said:

    Sounds like a great idea. Every player, Ship, Station, Asteroid, Moon, Planet in rotation around Helios.

     Actually, you quoting me with something I never said or even meant. 🙂

    Most of the space stations would remain fixed where they are. Only those in orbit around a celestial body would rotate. And though plants do rotate, they actually don't rotate. Did you read that before writing, RugesV? Only textured spheres as placeholders would rotate, not much server burden. And the current coordinate system can easily incorporate one single additional line that has the calculation of the current location.


  18. Dear NQ staff,

    this game has potential, but for the official launch, you must ensure it will get all the attention it deserves. My own observation is, that this game, though remarkable in a number of aspects already, is not yet in a state that it will be highly impressive when it launches and game magazines will write about it. You want very good critics, to get many people to subscribe.

    Some parts of the "skeleton" (game) are already covered with flesh and skin, but some other parts are not yet.

    My intention is, to play DU for the next 5 to 10 years, or even longer. But that will be possible on then, if DU can exist for such a time. Meaning, the launch must be successful. So, a number of features are still required. Not just PVP updates for those who like to attack and rob normal, nice players. DU is much more, and much better than that. Much more potential. Remember, already now it sets new industrial standards for player-designed bases and ships.

    DU needs civilization building, and even more customization. I am placing some suggestions inside the IDEA BOX forum.

    Since you made the announcement already about "last major update", you should then add many "small updates" (at least, call them that) before publishing the game. I will try to jump in and assist with a number of suggestions, calling them "Civilization Building" and "Impact".

  19. Thank you very much for the clarifications.

    Here is my opinion:

    I cannot say a wipe should or should not happen thought I personally would prefer that there won't be a wipe.

    But if there is a wipe, then I suggest this:
    - the tiles keep their ore types and amounts and excavations cavities
    - tile ownership remains for the players
    - all constructs will be wipe-blueprinted automatically or manually, those wipe-BPs also contain the exact location and angles so they restore the constructs as they were before, once the player has accumulated again all honeycombs and elements needed

    The big question is: what is the purpose of a wipe. To have all players, old and new ones, starting the resource gathering from the same economical position? In this case, I would say, after the game has been launched, there will always be new gamers coming in that will start at zero, while other players have already accumulated resources. So, this would not be any reason, in my view.

    I think, if new players enter a Dual Universe that is already full of wonderful, creative ships, this is the best motivation I could think of. Yet a reason NOT to wipe.

    The WIPE discussion should mention, what a WIPE is meant to achieve, only then his discussion would be more qualified, at least from the side of us players.

  20. No, you still don't understand the concept I am working on: the voxel-based planet would not move, only a placeholder for that planet. But again, I don't want to mention more at this early stage, as I am still working on my concept.


  21. Yes,I get your point. In brief, the processing burden to calculate the positions of millions of voxels.

    But in my way of thinking, there is - maybe - no need to do that. I am at the very early stages  of a concept that would allow to bypass that, but it is incredibly hard for me to explain, as I am not a natural English speaker. But basically, working with textured spheres most of the times, those you see when you are in space or look into the sky when standing on a planet o other celestial body. Only when you are very near a celestial body, it changes to the voxel structure.  I am still working out the details of this concept, so I cannot say more at the moment. I don't even have much time I can spend on working out that first glimpse of a concept I have there, as I have many other things to do in real life. But believe, there is a way. It has to do with when to use a voxel structure and when to use just a textured 3D shape, so the voxel planets not necessarily have to move around despite that the game gives that illusion. Keyword: distance is your or the server's friend..

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