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  1. Question/Suggestion I'm fine with the obstruction of elements, even Airbrakes. You have to think about where and how to place elements, to get the most efficency out of them. BUT: the amount of needed elements is to high, especially for bigger and heavier Ships. Isn't it possible to implement some new elements, like a additional powergenerator for engines, tuning elements for wings, brakes adjustors? Limited to the core size and one of a kind max on the core. And maybe different kind of tiers with different bonuses. That would give players the opportunity to keep their ships as they are right now and in future more possibilities for Ship builders. I hope, it's all comprehensible. At all other points related to the Demeter Update I agree with the post from Hagbard, partly because his english is better then mine.
  2. Hallo Henne Popenne, seid Ihr noch aktiv? Wo findet man Euch? Ich würde Euch gerne mal besuchen kommen. Viele Grüße Yobbu
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