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  1. Move out of the way All Father, I'm going to blow @#$% up. (all in your name of course!)
  2. I love the pvp but I would probably use a little of both types of ships(boring and cheap and artistic but expensive). My reasoning is that I want people to know who I am. If I come out in a custom design ship and wreck then players will begin to know me. That has the benefit of killing morale if they think they are already up against a pro. Choosing to flee or fight poorly because of intimidation makes my job easier. People know the Red Baron's plain, not the man.
  3. Hi all, I just bought the game last night after nearly a year or more of following it on youtube. I've been excited about it and hope it becomes all that its planned on being. I've only been a part of 1 other Alpha and that game was disappointing although I still played 1000s of hours on it. I got on for the first time last night for about 20 minutes and took a look around. I really didn't know how to do anything and would love a tip or two on getting started. My play style for a game like this is construction/pvp. I came to the game for the construction and artistic opportunities but in any game I play with pvp, that is where you will find me. I've looked at a few of the organizations like BOO that want to focus on pvp but I would love any propaganda from these types of organizations so I can make a good choice when choosing one. Ive ran 500 man clans before but I don't have any interest in starting one up anymore. My job just doesn't allow me to commit the time needed for running an organization of that size much less a smaller one. I''m American living in the Midwest but my job takes me all over the states and I'm often playing in hotel rooms so who knows what time zone Ill be playing in from night to night. Anyway, it finally great to be here and from what I have seen so far, I think I'm going to love it.
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