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  1. I do not understand. It seems like there is unnecessary resistance to allowing us to respec talents. However, in a vast majority of games you spend some in game currency to allow yourself the ability to respec your talent points. It seems that you are already half way there with the ability to do so in PTS. So to make everyone happy, it would only make sense to allow us to purchase a respec pill at the market. This allows those that want to respect the ability to do so and those that despise the idea to continue to despise it and leave their talents alone. Why is this not your course of action in this case? This seems like a win win no brainer - what am I missing?
  2. What is the vision for this game now, after the changes at NQ and JC not being at the forefront of things it feels as though the vision may have changed? Can you confirm or deny this and elaborate on why or why not? Will we ever get new tools that industrialists can make and sell for players? Why do we have a limited 2 SU radar scan range? This is too limiting it should be increased 10-fold and then introduce jamming capabilities. I’ve suggested before that the navigator chair that currently does nothing should have a UI (and let me be clear this should be an interactive UI with gameplay mechanics) that allows the navigator to jam radar, provide interdiction capabilities and even scan a ship for additional information. Another level of immersion, another profession. Why does the size of guns limit the range? The range should not be limited by the size but only the tier and type of weapon. This would alleviate the problems with L core L Weapons immediately. The size of the weapons should be about damage, reload, tracking, rate of fire etc. and the range should be based on the tier of the weapon. This allows the M Core underdog with medium lasers the ability to fight with a L Core ship with L Lasers instead of the L Core simply sitting at range and the M core has no means of firing back until they have taken immense damage before even being able to fire back. Yes, there should be damage falloff, but close the range gap. Increase the ammo types’ ability for increasing range so that the gap between the other weapons is decreased. Even if every weapon could reach out to the same range the damage at those ranges will vary wildly – that is a good thing.. This introduces skill and getting at least a hit on someone to keep them from jumping so that the underdog can try to swarm that exotic wielding L Core with a couple S cores. As currently any L Core with L Weapons and max talents could be all reward and no risk. What about Gems? What can you tell us about them, what will they likely be used for? What is Thoramine even for? There was this big event over it and for a brief period there was some hype around it. and now ZERO. nothing. no mention no harkening back to it. nothing. what was the point? If the only point was the prize at the end of a puzzle NQ thought would take longer for us to solve – got it but either way still a letdown. Especially because it continues to show on the scan tool but there’s nothing to do with it. What happened to the idea of Power? Where is it? When is it? What is it? Why is it? Can we expect to get different types of shields, different colors for different types? Plasma Shields, Ray shielding whatever sci fi terms we want to use to differentiate shields that are more niche but bring some fun gameplay about. I don’t just mean uncommon, advanced, exotic and rare, that’s great and all but give us varying types that are immersive and induce maybe a little lore. Let us find some alien tech and we can start creating these newfound alien shields and start selling on the market. What happened to the pillars of the game? It seems as though the focus has become much more narrowed and shallower at that. How come we don’t have AvA? This is a fundamental part of the game as it was originally conveyed. AvA allows you to protect yourself from being boarded or having a ship stolen etc. etc. We would not require these boarding permissions; my gun is my boarding permission. Your gun is yours. Let’s see who wins – oh wait you shot me and stole my ship in safe space, you now have an automatic enormous bounty on your head. If it happened in the PvP areas, then when I respawn, I can put a bounty on your head, and this creates more content. The Bounty Hunter could be told who the original owner was, and they could even return the ship should they choose – will you allow us this level of gameplay ever? What about the incentives for owning a hex? Why should I want this hex over that hex – resources aren’t a reason. There should be more of a reason. Once the resources are gone, there is no longer a reason so that is not good enough. What will be the incentive when territory warfare comes? Does locating a factory near the water increase productivity when some element is placed near my base that requires a body of water near it to produce reduction in heat that helps the factory operate better or what? Give us something that immerses us more! I remember watching you tube videos of this game before I ever bought in. NQ Dual Universe YouTube back when things were in Alpha. There was an hours long video of two people building a base into an asteroid. Why is this not a thing? Why won’t it be, or will it be? When will we get Exotic Engines? Will we ever get hybrid space/atmo engines and brakes? Will we ever be able to research technology to allow us to create schematics that let us create new and exciting elements like the hybrid space/atmo elements mentioned above or new tools for the character, a better jetpack or whatever? Will we ever get different style canopies that also allow 3rd person? Will we ever be able to go above 30k without warping? Why can’t we get a Super Cruise speed that has its pros and cons that allows us to travel somewhere between 30k and warp? Why can I create things out of thin air in my nano pack but a laser drill for my ship is out of the question and we’re stuck hand mining? This doesn’t make sense. It feels very arbitrary. When are you going to show the player base that you can be creative and develop immersive gameplay mechanics that will provide fun and engaging content? What’s to keep us here? Why should we continue to hold out hope, can you give us some hope? Please.
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