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  1. This is quite a concerning post, would like to hear more details on this......Will this "other project" end up replacing DU? Are we all just wasting our time playing this current game you have?
  2. Its not about if its better its about the fact this is supposed to be a thread to showcase players who are on the verge of quitting the game, not a place of advertising orgs.
  3. No problem, the thread is to hopefully bring a massive amount of players that are upset about this to light so NQ can potentially change their minds about how things are setup.
  4. This is not the time or place for these comments. I would rather delete my items then give them away.
  5. If you're a new player or someone who has been here since the early release of Kickstarter we have all had a lot of setbacks so far. Too many to honestly post in a single thread here. Let it be clear, I absolutely love the "concept" of this game. But honestly with their latest changes since release and lack of communication throughout the entire process of this game I am seriously giving thought to just dropping it. The main reason to my thought of quitting is simply this. NQ wants us as players to create the content of this game however every time we try and create things they get taken away or the time gates get extended because NQ simply doesn't think we should have X items or X number of quanta yet in a game where THEY placed the mechanics to acquire them in such time. These types of changes should have been worked out in beta that WE PAID FOR. Doing changes like this in a released version of the game is unacceptable and I will not continue to pay into this. Secondly, NQ simply cannot and for some reason refuses to establish proper communication within the community with no proper layout for future updates or planed releases. They haven't even given us things they would like to implement to retain some of their player base with sheer interest and at this point they have removed more than they have put in. Not sure how they think this will work but my goodness they really need to pay attention to what's going on around them and the status of their own community, and to be clear it seems their communication has gotten worse and not better. Also, as a side note, I have seen several instances where players who have been banned due to part of their ban wave of people who were "exploiting" and buying things from other players. The players that had no idea they were being sent money from the exploiter were getting banned as well. Without the opportunity to contest the ban and additionally no longer have access to their account to REMOVE their subscription and the ban process NQ has does not automatically remove the subscription so if you're not paying attention they will go ahead and charge you money for an account you can't even access.......I would consider this to be theft. As for the T1 bots. Well, heh this is a fun topic. Bots should always be in the game to purchase excess ore period. These could easily be regulated by limiting the amount of sell orders they are willing to give players at a time. This is done all the time with dispensers so don't see why a similar implementation could be setup for bots. Missions just don't do enough unless you are part of the wealthy who can afford multiple accounts. To establish a proper economy the bots shouldn't have a static pricing but a dynamic pricing that increases and decreases depending on what the economy is actually doing. The actual point of this thread is to bring light to potential players who are thinking about quitting the game and to post their frustrations as to why they might end up quitting. NQs job at this point needs to be more focused on player retention and getting new players into the game to secure funding for the future as well as introducing fixes and new content for players to actually have something fun to do vs spending their entire time just trying to pay for their tiles so they can make things.
  6. Its funny if you think they dont already track this information. They do. Its not hard to see what accounts log in from what public ip address or even the mac address associated with it.
  7. discordauth:OnVV5bzcoRpFtLEmPiaTtH9IEiGNx_XggHKEqdtr94E=

  8. I am new to the game and looking for any starting tips anyone has! Thanks in advance! DemonAn9el
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