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  1. hi. ive tried to get my discord permissions setup, but nothings happening.. and they keep saying you just need to wait a few days. so.. I've tried to unlink my discord account from profile page and it ALWAYS says "Something went wrong with your account. Please retry in a few minutes" https://prntscr.com/vbbzlj No matter how long i wait it says it. Discord Permissions, I'm a patron, is like the spiffy tags/privilege's that went with it before i left the discord.
  2. Burnes


    nvm figured out the discord support bot mess.
  3. Hello, I for some reason can not remember my login/password for the dualthegame website to d/l the client. Its not sending the password reset email, But the forums is working for me. username is the same as this. Burnes. Email is the same.. not sure whats up.. Can someone please help with sending the password reset for me. (not for the forums, i have that working) Im sorry i got it working, guess i mistyped my email several times... autocorrect for the win.. lol..
  4. bzzt click beep Yea the forum avatar.. and the dualthegame avatars are a pain to work with it seems.
  5. access denied... JK welcome aboard ?
  6. Welcome to DU.. where the explosions hurt a lot more than in Eve.
  7. Hello, I've been looking around for games to play/test and stumbled across this one and figured I'd share. https://www.astellia-mmo.com It looks like Black Desert Online alot honestly.. but hey its something. Im saddened by the lack of housing or farming/crops currently... (maybe in the future yea sure try to sell me on that idea to get me to buy into it) I'm seriously into housing.. (still subbing to archeage just to keep my land.. and decorate my house. yea.. lame i know.) But hey... You can buy into the testing OR sign up for keys on the website.. Which is slow. OR you can visit some gaming websites and get a key if they have them left. I found this site, still has over 500 keys as of my posting here. https://mmohuts.com/giveaway/astellia-online-closed-beta-2-giveaway/ Only downside is you have to make an account with them to get the key.. But it works I got a key from it. Just FYI. The installer is small initially. Once you lauunch however it downloads OVER 20gigs and if it stops at all OR you close it, you have to start again at 0%.(no resume... seriously.. brah!?) Testing starts July 30, 19. so the start button will be greyed out once the download is completed.
  8. Hi, there are alot to choose from, you can start here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/forum/7-novarks-organization-registry/ and browse groups, checkout their discord and find one that suits your needs. You can also look here https://community.dualthegame.com/ for some orgs aswell.
  9. a bot would say it is not a bot.... Id recommend joining an organization for help beyond the forums. try to find one that is playing in the alpha right now.
  10. Im sure DU will offer you plenty of creative opportunities... rebuilding cities over and over sounds like a blast. hehe
  11. Well things can change but i like the cryo tube log off thing. but no need for more than 1 per structure. might end up with people who log off and never return to the game taking up much needed space. If they insisted on more than 1 per structure or a xx members per cryotube, then give the owner of the structure the ability to use a drop menu command to evict memberxxx. and have the menu show 'lastlogin' time stamps only for the owner. (kind of like Life is feudal did with its housing)
  12. hi... not that youll ever see it... *cracks glass on cryotube* **Splat**
  13. Burnes


    i assume by unlock you mean enable alpha access. Its best to follow the video on how to do that. video available on official DU discord.
  14. i like the idea of a mining platform, would hate to see holes all over the place from guys running around shouting 'mine mine mine' or sabotaging other miners underground mazes. but still make manual mining better i guess. but platforms for offline players.
  15. Welcome aboard! Hope it turns out to be an entertaining adventure.
  16. Hi, welcome to the universe.
  17. heya welcome. Never played landmark but it looked neat. used to be a huge fan of eq1. quad kiting the dwarves on my druid.. lol
  18. discordauth:FSZ2e-g42rY0eX-_VjaI57t-ghmlz_wNobBt2gLj1FI=

  19. Thanks for the reply. I ended up buying a pack so i can play around and learn a bit more about it. Stupid question but how do i get the forum to update with my current pack i bought. Discord is setup now. (Thanks to whoever made that video!) Well discord is not setup now since my forum doesnt show my pledge pack rank. Doh. Lol EDIT:All fixed. Thank you
  20. Hi, So if i buy a package and start playing during this test cycle i have a few Qs. 1. is there any pvp / weapons? 2. do they give you a list of objectives to test? 3. is their a tutorial right now?
  21. Hi, Im looking forward to enjoying my time in this game. I've been gaming since about 1994 in a wide variety of games. I have mostly been a crafter/gatherer/builder in games and that will probably be my concentration in this game as well. I am a middle aged male, living in Ohio, and on EST time. No distractions at home so plenty of game time when I'm off work. Looking forward to learning about organizations and how we all get along(or dont) in this universe. I'll be looking for an organization who fits my desired needs as i learn more about the game.
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