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  1. If Im not back again this time TOMORROWWW CARRY ONNNNN carry on
  2. discordauth:LZQxNgdG1kOiZYE6TAC6a02IQzk4qP3VU8neBwweoZY=

  3. Ahhh… General Kenobi... Haha sorry that was all I could think when I saw the topic, anyways, hello there : )
  4. I gained the Sponsor pack (meaning I have access to alpha 1) however when I try loading into the game the most I'll get to is 1% and it wont progress any further? Any ideas on how to fix this or is my CPU/RAM not good enough, and if so what would you say the minimum requirements for the game are?
  5. Fraud Prevention Organization of the galaxy? Another great idea I never would have thought of, somehow this game brings out the immersion no other game has ever given before (at least in my experience)
  6. The Republic of Unified Stars is a new organization looking for members to build with. Check the description if you are interested! The organization will offer many opportunities to grow as a player and an organization - Choose your own path! Don’t be held down by the restrictions other leaders may put on you, become what you want to be - Become part of something bigger than yourself, it’s a vast galaxy, don’t go at it alone! (Available Jobs) -Grand Admiral A very exclusive merit based role that the president will determine. Share the role of commanding the fleet with the President to ensure victory for the Republic of Unified Stars! - Governor RotUS (Republic of the Unified Stars) is a democracy/merit based political system. Work your way up to earn a spot in seat of political power - Military Strategist Determine strategies best suited for circumstances to ensure victory! - Captain Command your own battlecruiser with your crew. A merit based role -Pilot (Squadron leader) Work your way up to Captain through gaining flying hours and command time -Economic Analyst Got a knack for economics? Serve as an analyst to determine the best use of our goods and better the economy within RotUS -Pilot (Wingman) Enlist in the Space force and help defend home from any potential threats -Trooper Flying too complicated? Don’t worry you can earn your merit and raise through the ranks as a soldier on the ground, or infiltrating enemy spacecraft -Engineer Develop revolutionary ship designs for the fleet, or just improve quality of life in the capital, wherever your imagination leads you -Medic Ensure the population of RotUS is sustainable through medication - Worker Every Organization needs a working class, youre a vital component to the organization! More jobs will be created with the growth of the organization If you are interested you can join the discord server https://discord.gg/bXYDfHh
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