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  1. I really hope there will not be any kill report like XXX killed XXX with X weapon like we see in FPS it would just encourage people to pvp... or just for close peoples like if you're fighting with your team against an other one you can see who got the kill or wich ship just blew up near you . Maybe a personal killboard would be great but not a public one . It would be very good to see an in game "media" reporting not every kill but big conflict between corporation, stolen bases, big new station finished, station destroyed, dangerous zones, fresh new discovered planets and big markets movements due to mining or something maybe even ads for corps or ship templates ^^ i think it would be very helpfull for new (still lonely) players like you turn on a screen and that tell you dont go there, go check there, buy this thing and check this corporation if you're into being miner/buisnessman/pirate/military And i do agree for damage report during fights .
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