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Exo Dynamics (currently not employing)

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Welcome to Exo Dynamics – Your No. 1 Choice for integrated System Development and Production!


Exo Dynamics Ltd. is your partner for development, integration and scripting of advanced technologies.


Our company was founded in 2024 on earth as a manufacturer of high end components for heavy industry and aerospace corporations. Exo Dynamics was among the first companies that aimed for the establishment of orbital factories. This has enabled us to push the limits of production capabilities on earth, and get closer to our goal of reaching the stars.

Ever since the 26th April of 2027, when the dawning destruction of earth of earth was discovered, we have been pushing the limits of technology to avoid the almost inevitable extinction of mankind.

After the landing of the arkship, our goal is to supply you with everything you need to be able to rebuild our civilization – from Allioth to deep space.


Planned Services of Exo Dynamics are:

- production and sale of high quality elements for ships and constructs

- upgrading hard- and software for ships and constructs

- planning, constructing and scripting of ship- and construct systems for your needs

- manufacturing of small to mid-size crafts in limited-lot production for customers without own automated production capabilities

- tech development


Exo Dynamics is located inside the Terran Union.

All personnel must be legal citizens of the Terran Union.


We are currently not employing.

Employment will start when more information about the actual gameplay mechanics of Dual Universe is revealed.

We will be active in Alpha Engineering (Organisation) once the Alpha of Dual Universe starts.


If you have questions about our company, our services or future jobs, please feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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