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An open room with a chair, a desk, and a man facepalming.


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So, you came here to know more about us ?


Oh, the door was just open ? M'raah. You can leave. Or maybe you want to listen to me while i monologue the same thing over and over ?



We are the "Fine French Engineers !" We are just some kind of "independant group", working for everyone, as long as we are safe.

Some kind of mercenary, but in an other form. If you would like to join us, leave some kind of motivation letter right here, next to the- ... Oh nevermind, their is no pile of motivation letter at the moment.

What we offer ? Good ambiance. Horrible accents. Maybe some tips.

For the moment, it's just me and a couple of friends. But we plan so much ... Think about it.


That's it.

Thanks for listening.

Bye !




Ah crap, i forgot to ask him to close that door. *facepalm*


Oh, hi !

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