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Damaged elements should go in the recycler


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You can't sell elements that have been damaged and you have to 'recycle' them one at a time. Either you delete them or get a huge group of elements that will probably never be used. We should be able to set the Industry Recyclers to process damaged elements and give us parts.

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Please do a quality of life update and let us remove all these lost lives elements with a mouseclick into their parts.

and i mean all in a container, not a "single rightclick, scrolldown and find it" thing.

Recycling is a thorn in playing, making no fun at all and hurts me physically everytime i see white underlined elements.


i think it would be a easy thing to implement it.


You would have several options:



1. as a default at salvaging and hitting a damaged element asking for destroying it, you simply could go for recycle instead.

And then all further issues would be solved.


2. give the recyclers something to do and recycle things from a container into another one. Perhaps T1 recyclers only can do T1 elements or something like that...

but if thats too much developement for you, just go to point 3.


3. just let us mark all elements and right click them to recycle, or use an icon like the remove dynamic properties button.

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