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1st Annual Great Pumpkin Carving Contest of DU 2023


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1st Annual Great Pumpkin Carving Contest of DU 2023


Please visit The Pumpkin Patch at ::pos{0,27,-23.0664,-30.0503,76.4217} to see the prize list board.

The Great Pumpkin Carving Contest is an event created for one reason, Have Fun Sharing Your Halloween Spirit. Everyone should feel welcome to take part in this event. If you are unable to finish your carving before the deadline or just want to carve a pumpkin for kicks (come on Devs, it’s fun), you may still submit your carving to be placed at The Pumpkin Patch without being judged. This contest is created and run by VoxelVision as an in-game contest for Dual Universe (DU). www.dualuniverse.game This contest may be promoted by DU staff but is not sponsored by NQ / DU. For this first year there will only be three (3) categories (Static constructs only).


Speed – A carving completed and turned in within 24 hours of receiving your Pumpkin template and materials regardless of decorative theme.

Fancy – A carving completed and turned in within seven (7) days of receiving your Pumpkin template and materials with a decorative theme of a “fancy/playful” nature.

Spooky – A carving completed and turned in within seven (7) days of receiving your Pumpkin template and materials with a decorative theme of a “scary/spooky” nature.


Pumpkin pickup for this contest will start on October 13, 2023 at 8:00pm PDT and will stop on October 15, 2023 at 10:00 pm PDT. PCC Kit pickup will run from 8:00am to 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday, with a few random breaks for myself.  The deadline to “Enter” this contest is October 22, 2023 at 10:00 pm PDT. Players waiting at The Pumpkin Patch to pick up a template or submit an entry into the contest at the deadlines will be allowed to enter. Please check your local time conversion from PDT (San Diego/Los Angeles) I will decide if your Carving conforms to my rules for this contest. If I determine that your Carving does not meet the required rules, you will be given one chance to modify your build and resubmit without being given any time extensions. Any builds not submitted by the deadline of October 22, 2023 at 10:00pm PDT can still be displayed at The Pumpkin Patch but will NOT be part of the Great Pumpkin Carving Contest. The results of the blind judging are final and will not be changed.


Carving Rules and Regulations.


2.  All builds MUST conform to the official Dual Universe EULA terms and conditions standards. www.dualuniverse.game/legal/eula

3.  All carvings must be done to the Pumpkin I (VoxelVision) have created specifically for the contest and year it is held.

4.  All Carvings must be submitted as a Static Construct.

5.  Each DU character may only submit One (1) entry into this contest.

6.  All Carvings must fit within a single Static Core S.

7.  The Pumpkin may be altered (change honeycomb material, carved open or cut into pieces. . .) as long as the overall size of the pumpkin itself is not expanded. (It is okay to cut the pumpkin into pieces and/or carve it, it is NOT okay to enlarge the pumpkin size by adding pieces.)

8.  A limit of two (2) XS or S screens or one (1) M or L screens per entry. No screens larger than L may be used.

9.  A limit of four (4) lights may be used. Lights may be of any size and combination. Color and level settings must be within standard usage, no overclocking them with LUA or other tricks"

10. All decisions made by VoxelVision are final!

11. No prize donations will be allowed by any players for this contest.


Each DU character must receive their Pumpkin blueprint directly from me (VoxelVision) to enter this contest. I will record each blueprint distributed with the character name, date and time it was given. When you enter the contest, I will then record the date, time and category you wish to enter. You will then be given a Pumpkin Number. This Pumpkin Number will be used for blind judging. Each DU character may only enter ONE (1) Pumpkin into this contest solo or as a team.


To receive a Pumpkin, you will be required to visit my Haven tile in person not VR, named “The Pumpkin Patch”  at ::pos{0,27,-23.0664,-30.0503,76.4217} where I will then barter / trade you a DRM free Pumpkin blueprint, Static Core S and all the honeycomb required to deploy the blueprint. Please be sure to have the required space to receive 9,400L, 57t mass +/- based on your container skills.


To “Enter” a Carved Pumpkin into this contest you will be required to provide me (VoxelVision) with a DRM protected blueprint of your build and all required honeycomb, elements and decorations to deploy the blueprint. When I deploy the blueprint, it will be named with your personal Pumpkin Number and any DU character and organization names you have given your pumpkin will be excluded. A single Carvings may be entered by a team of players. If submitting a Carving as a team build, a “Team Leader” must be designated at the time of submission and all team member names listed. Not all prizes will be able to be split among team members such as but not limited to game time codes or gift card codes. It will be the sole responsibility of Team Leader” to distribute the prize/prizes with their team members. Carvings will NOT be able to be submitted as an Organization (Org) build because I will not be able to award an Org some of the prizes. Once the contest has concluded and winners have been announced, all Pumpkins will be renamed to have the creator (character/team) names and year added and the Pumpkin Number removed.


If you have any questions, please message VoxelVision on Discord and I will reply ASAP, I will post your questions to the official DU Forum post because others may have the same question. I will not review carvings prior to them being submitted for the contest.


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Hello Dual Universe Community,


I would like to take a few minutes to thank all of the players that have taken the time to carve up a pumpkin for the first year of my Pumpkin Carving Contest.  I hope to see more people take part next year. You can VR to The Pumpkin Patch to view the carvings.


The contest has now finished, the judges have completed their reviews and the winning carvings are waiting to be announced.


I am reaching out to a DU streamer to announce the winners live on their stream. Once that has been done, I will contact each winner for prize delivery. 


Thank you to the NQ/DU Staff and the player community for making this a wonderful game, event and year.



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