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Hi everyone


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Hello, my name is Kanenn online.

I was a long time ago an alpha tester and i just came back today. So i would like your advise on how to be integrated back in the community. And what do you think of the game so far?


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Welcome back. Integrating into the community? Just jump into Discord; everybody seems to be pointing at Discord.  The game? Difficulty Hard for solo players, but when you can travel to Alioth things will go smoother.  Good luck.

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Welcome back! Lots of things changed from Alpha, specifically when it comes to how Industry works, so I would recommend trying out the tutorials, just head to any Market and look for the tutorial booth, it will reward you money and talents!


My personal advice is look for a group of players with similar interests and join them, things work much better in group, even if you don't work together on the same projects, you still can cooperate between each other.

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