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Ship & other building tutorials by Master Sethioz (elements, VPT, industries and more)


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I have noticed that most players are overwhelmed with all the building aspects and usually end up missing things or doing something wrong, so over time i have been making tutorials on various aspects on how to build stuff in Dual Universe. I decided to make this post to help out anyone who has questions about building, here are some of my best building video tutorials.


All in 1 ship building tutorial - this tutorial shows and explains everything you need to know in order to make a proper interplanetary ship that can get you safely from A to B.

this is new 2023 version, it includes everything (i hope) about elements that you need to know, this tutorial does NOT include voxels, just basics on what elements you need on ship, how many, how to place them, where to place them ..etc.

Vertex precision tool 101 - quick tutorial on how to make small detailed shapes (like car headlights)


Vertex precision tool and virtual 3d scaffolding tutorial - this shows you how to make art builds using VPT (vertex precision tool).


Fine tuning element angles and placement - Quick tutorial that shows you how to fine-tune element angles (that cannot be achieved by using default methods)


Multiple buttons circuit that opens/closes same door (without delay lines)


Fully automated Factory / industry tutorial - how to setup fully automated factory. This does not include schematics container usage as it wasn't implemented yet, for schematics container, just right click on any container that is on same construct and set it as schematics container, then drop all schematics in there, instead of in the industry units.


How to setup RDMS rights / tags / policies - this might be bit offtopic as it's not directly building, but thought I include it here anyways, it's very useful for those who haven't used RDMS or having issues setting up rights.


i rarely visit forums, so if you want to stay up to date with my tutorials and other awesome gameplay videos, then please check my Dual Universe playlist directly. hope you find these tutorials useful.


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